ai6yr, to random avatar

Cook your bacon, yessiree
Eat it extra crispy, just ask me
Don't eat soggy, uncooked bacon plain
or you may get a tapeworm in your brain

Little larvae in your head
Giving you headaches while you're in bed
It's a nasty business, this bacon stuff
Heck, better go vegetarian, I've had enough

(human poem)

mima, to food

Sizzling #sisig in one of my #university's #canteens. This sisig is better than the one near the college building ​:munch:​

#FilipinoFood #porksisig #pork #egg #ricemeal #food #foods #lunch #Pinoy #Filipino @pinoy @pinoy

grsimpson, to food

Hickory Smoked Armadillo Egg

ai6yr, to coffee avatar
ai6yr, avatar

"The drink combines Dongpo Braised Pork Flavor Sauce with espresso and steamed milk, with extra pork sauce and pork breast meat for garnish, according to the Starbucks delivery app. "

thejapantimes, to Life avatar

If you’re ready to jump down the rabbit hole and start experimenting with ‘kōji,’ this recipe shows you how. #life #fooddrink #recipe #pork #koji

chad, to Smoking

In just ten short days this will be delicious pepper #bacon.

8lbs of locally sourced bacon for $65 and it's infinitely better than store-bought.

#smoking #Traeger #curing #pork

mikemathia, to random avatar


I'm definitely this guy. lol

LibrarianRA, to MandelaEffect avatar

Lunch with the Flintstones
1993 Mcdonald's McRib Ad

LibrarianRA, to Vintage avatar

What's for lunch?
1991 Mcdonald's McRib Ad
It is McRib season - just not for those of us in New England -

msquebanh, to asianfood
dustcircle, to Canada avatar


Well, they've got a lot better chance of succeeding than our chronically-underfunded military. 😜

#invasion #USA #pork #oink

DiningWithBarbarians, to food

It's a good day for ribs around here.

liztai, to magASEAN avatar

#MakanApaToday congee, and my dad calls it "sick food". And indeed, most of us Chinese often take it when we are not well.
This is "chi chap chok" or "mixed pork" porridge. It contains the flesh, heart, intestines and liver of a pig in rice congee.
And yes, I really like spring onions 😆

#NotHalal #Pork

universalhub, to newhampshire avatar

Eat #pork or die - #NewHampshire candidate for governor finds another way to run against #Massachusetts

bud_t, to Colorado avatar

It's #Pork #GreenChili day over here! I roasted some fresh #PuebloChile and made a batch from some homegrown, Pueblos, and #HatchChile leftover in the freezer from last season.

This batch is 🔥


A pot of pork green chili simmering on the stovetop

ghost_shit, to Fermented avatar

A scotch roast, liberally coated in a red spice mix, atop a bed of chopped sweet potato, leek, garlic, , canned tomatoes, beer, and sauce. [EDIT] Now with pickled jalapenos! [/EDIT]

LibrarianRA, to Vintage avatar

What's For Dinner?
McDonald's Mcrib 1981 AD

louisffourie, to random avatar

I don't often post pictures of food, but tonight's supper was an absolute winner. I have made Sri Lanjan jackfruit curry before, and my middle daughter had suggested I make a pork & jackfruit curry. As I was picking up the jackfruit yesterday, I spotted tins of preserved langan (a lychee relative).

Following the original jackfruit curry recipe approximately, I made the pork-jackfruit-langan curry in a cast iron pot over charcoal, and served it over red lentils with Naan.

#jackfruit #curry #langan #pork #lentils #Naan #SriLankanFood #homemademeals #yxe

universalhub, to Massachusetts avatar

#Midwest pig farmers, #pork producer sue over #Massachusetts humane-treatment law; warn of jackbooted Bay State inspectors stomping through Midwest pig farms
#lawsuits #pigs #bacon

Garwboy, to Podcast avatar

Why Does This Thing Exist? (Podcast)

Episode 54: "The loaves and fishes caper" (with
Liam Schewitz)

School's out! Celebrate with the latest Why Does This Thing Exist? (Podcast) where Simon and I are joined by stellar guest Liam Schewitz, to cover the world's worst party, the world's worst luncheon, the world's worst restaurant booking, and more

#Podcast #Humour #Pork #Food #Rumours #NSFW

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