jgpausas, to philosophy
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Food for thought: On the #Eurocentrism and #racism of #European #philosophical thinking.

Thanks to Gaza, European philosophy has been exposed as ethically bankrupt

ES: Gracias a Gaza, la filosofía europea ha evidenciado su falta de ética

#phylosophy @philosophy #Gaza @palestine

kegill, to Economics
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I’m more years post-grad school than I want to count & have long criticized my specialty, #economics.

Until this moment, I did not see that my heartburn rests in #philosophical discord.

“effective altruists try to reduce these enormously complex goals into ‘impartial’, quantitative equations.” @molly0xfff via @dangillmor

That also describes the economics “rational man” illusion.

Economics branched from philosophy. In the US, it is utilitarianism masquerading as a soundbite, “free markets.”

The problem with removing the messy, squishy, human part of decisionmaking is you can end up with an ideology like effective altruism: one that allows a person to justify almost any course of action in the supposed pursuit of maximizing their effectiveness.

Susan_Larson_TN, to books
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Thank you for spelling out the argument.

What is the principle counter argument because I can't think of one at the moment.

badri, to science
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Okay, it's #introductions time! Hi 👋

I'm Badri, a #writer and #nonfiction #editor at Snipette looking to explore and highlight the interesting aspects of our world 🔦

I also #read a lot, and am always on the lookout for interesting bits of #science, #culture, #history, or #philosophy which come out at some point or other in my articles 👀

I'm also @badrihippo, but this instance, Snipetteville, is a place for all Snipette editors to hang out. We may be talking in private, but if you see a public conversation you're most welcome to join. Feel free to tag me in deep and/or lighthearted #philosophical conversations about aspects of the world 💭

(If you want to write for Snipette, DM me now!)

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