vwbusguy, to television
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constantly interrupting streaming to show me ads for Paramount Plus is not going well for convincing me to keep subscribing to Paramount Plus.

Hotchka, to StarTrek
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Oscar winner Holly Hunter has been cast as the captain and chancellor of Starfleet Academy in Paramount+'s next "Star Trek" series, "Star Trek: Starfleet Academy", which will begin production this Summer. No premiere date has been announced.

JohnJBurnsIII, to Netflix
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Pretty tired of streaming "players" assuming I don't want to see credits...as it shifts to mini-view or worse auto starts next episode or movie.

All 3 streaming systems that I use - do this: #Netflix, #Prime, and #ParamountPlus.

Stop it !!

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CBS announces its 2024-2025 Schedule, with one new series set for Fall 2025.


MacKing, to television German
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Hotchka, to television
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"Survivor" Season 1 contestant Sonja Christopher, remembered for her ukulele playing, has died at 87. Christopher injured herself in the first challenge causing her team to lose, leading to her being the very first "Survivor" player to hear Jeff Probst say "The tribe has spoken" as he snuffed her torch.

tydalforce, to television
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Twice in one day I have to shout "what in the actual fuck?"

Apparently decided to cancel Star Trek: Lower Decks, ending with the 5th season.
It's bad enough "seasons" these days are an anemic 10 episodes (if that!), and then they get cancelled while still going strong? ugh..

Sign the petition!

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Paramount+ has renewed "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" for a fourth season, way ahead of the third season's 2025 debut. In addition, "Star Trek: Lower Decks" will end after its upcoming 5th season this Fall. The "Star Trek: Section 31" movie has completed production, and "Star Trek: Starfleet Academy" begins production later this year.
#StarTrek #StarTrekUniverse #ParamountPlus #Entertainment #Television #TV #Streaming

scy, to StarTrek
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me: has a 21:9 computer screen

Star Trek Discovery: is presented in 21:9

Paramount+: provides Discovery in 1920×1080 with black bars at the top & bottom

my screen: adds black bars to the left & right

ah yes, the fullscreen experience 🙄

(pirated copies usually come in real 21:9 without these black bars btw…)

Oh, and this is not just a Discovery problem. It's the same for the other 21:9 shows like SNW and Prodigy (when it still was on Paramount+).

#StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery #ParamountPlus

paulshipper, (edited ) to StarTrek
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More Recent Work: Another Pinned Toot! Here’s the 2 pieces of Key Art I illustrated for Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard.
@risa @startrek

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"Young Sheldon" may be ending, but "The Big Bang Theory" universe is expanding with CBS greenlighting a new comedy series featuring "Young Sheldon"'s Georgie and Mandy raising their young family in Texas. Montana Jordan and Emily Osment have signed on to reprise their roles.

Trekker21, to StarTrek
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Trekker21, to television
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itnewsbot, to Entertainment
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Plucky crew of Star Trek: Discovery seeks a strange artifact in S5 trailer - Star Trek: Discovery returns for its fifth and final season after a two-year hiatu... - https://arstechnica.com/?p=2005705

awoodsnet, to StarTrek
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Show idea — Star Trek: Collective. It’s an origin story … of the Borg! It starts in a world a little more advanced than our own - by a hundred years or so. They have space travel . This would probably be 500-700 years before TNG.. It starts with a robot workforce. And bringing an AI online to manage it for asteroid mining . There’s some parallels to Caprica, but it’s all StarTrek

#StarTrek #SciFi #ParamountPlus

HeyLaiverd, to Halo Dutch
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Ow, weer begonnen met . Seizoen 2. Maar deze eerste aflevering....ik twijfel. Iets teveel oorlogje en soldaatje spelen. Als ik dat wil zien, kijk ik wel naar het nieuws. Benieuwd of het nog beter wordt.


kurtsh, to television
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Dammit... don't give me hope. Season 1 was so unholy, there would need to be a MONSTROUS upheaval of change for Season 2 to be even slightly tolerable.

"Halo has hit the reset button for its second season, though you might be forgiven for thinking it’s the panic button instead."

Halo season 2 review: "Unceremoniously dumps some of its more controversial aspects" | GamesRadar+

NerdRelaxo, to television German
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Och nööööö, sie haben nicht nur Kohlrabenschwarz, sondern auch A Thin Line gecancelt. Dann gibt's wirklich nur noch konsequent einzelne Monate wenn mal wieder eine Star Trek Staffel komplett draußen ist. Saftladen.

#ParamountPlus @filmeundserien

feldnerin, to television German
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Seufz , jetzt geht das bei #ParamountPlus genau so wie bei Netflix, dass Serien ohne Vorwarnung gestrichen werden. Ich war mit #kohlrabenschwarz leider noch nicht fertig 😓

Paramount+: Kahlschlag bei deutschen Produktionen - DWDL.de

Tarrenvane, to television

@allstartrek Just curious, are y'all getting those dang tempting Subway footlong sidekick ads, or is it just the #ParamountPlus viewers among us?

Tarrenvane, to television

@allstartrek Wondering how far behind y'all I am. I keep having to adjust my position on #ParamountPlus either cause the app screwed up or something demanded my attention.

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