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#AI #Robots. Impressive? Scary?

Personally, I'm leaning towards terrifying.

However, I could get behind medically-applied AI Robots (#nursing, #hospital cleaning, etc.).


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#meinungen #nordamerika #politik
#israel #gaza #palästina #krieg #militarismus #usa #ukraine #völkermord #opinions #northamerica #politics #palestine #war #militarism #genocide #ceasefire #diplomatie #codepink

Wir brauchen dringend Führungskräfte, die der Diplomatie Vorrang vor der Zerstörung, dem Mitgefühl vor dem Konflikt & der Menschlichkeit vor der Selbstüberschätzung einräumen

Melissa Garriga ist Media Relations Manager von CODEPINK – Women for Peace

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Up for listening today (as much as I can before switching it), some of which I've never heard all the way through (or tried to listen all the way through):

-Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited
-John Mayall - The Turning Point
-Kraftwerk - Radio Activity
-Laibach (Opus Dei, NATO, Spectre, Laibach Revisited)
-T. Rex - The Slider

bendaubney, avatar

@jake4480 Man do I have about Kraftwerk

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It’s okay to go “ew” at first glance, but don’t mistake that for anything real


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❗ There's still time to register (free of charge) for the #REWIND project workshop, where the trainers will explain the #IATML methodology, a computational method that allows us to analyse discourses.

It can help us, for example, study the opinions of the population, combining ontological, argumentative and agency analysis.


#Histodons #DigitalHumanities #Discourses #Opinions #Heritage #FreeTraining #HumanidadesDigitais #Património

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I 💯 co-sign this by @SallyStrange:

“to my brain a good argument is a lot like a good video game”

#debate #opinions #thesis #antithesis #synthesis #HegelianDialectic #GameOn

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It's time!

Thanks satwareAG - thanks MW 😊

very much and we are always interested in your thoughts and !

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Should I try this in a meeting? 🤔

ecoscore, to philosophy avatar

I'm going to try in 2024 to stop myself each time I offer an opinion on here. It's not going to be easy 😬

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Instead of accepting the usual offer of a accessory for Christmas, my adult friend has asked me to teach her to knit.

She has vague childhood memories of knit and purl: a beginner.

Is a simple hat, worked in the round, too ambitious for a first project? My reasoning is a one-skein project, wearable, several learning points.

and welcome :)

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How are people in #canada feeling about this section of the Wikipedia info box?

#opinions #Politics #monarchy #CharlesIII

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dev is a serious effort. it takes 100 kg of dynamite to make a game. it takes 20,000 stones to make a game. you need to be sealed in machine for 40 years to make a gamee. if you dont do this i dont want your

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Why are politicians being asked for their #opinions on matters of #fact? It's an objective fact that #birthcontrol pills and devices do not cause abortions. That's not how they work. Yet, here we've got some #Republican ass-clown with no relevant medical #expertise asserting that it does cause abortion, as if his ignorant, uninformed beliefs are just as valid as the actual facts. This sort of post-truth bullshit that posits every opinion is equally valid is dangerous.

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I've just spent a week driving in and I have .

cliffwade, to philosophy avatar

You ever have a lot of things to say but don't know where to start, don't know how to safely say them and know that if/when you do say them publicly, there will be a ton of backlash, hate, disagreements, opinion bashing and so much more?

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horrificnathan, to showerthoughts

What types of things would you, personally, want in an audiodrama newsletter?

#Opinions #AudioDrama #AudioFiction #FictionPodcast #podcast #podcasts #newsletter #newsletters #fiction

AirlockDoc, to fediverse

As a relatively new member of the #fediverse , I have learned a few things.

#listen There are so many awesome posts that I have seen since I have been here. Lots more than I ever found other places.

#JoinIn People are cool with conversations.

#Boost What you find and enjoy. It will help you find more like it.

#HashTags Are incredibly powerful for finding people.

#Opinions are not fights, they are civil discussions here.

#FollowTheBoosters You will not go wrong following super boosters like @lisamelton

And these will lead you to do many others.

Block and mute as needed. Life is short.

And most of all, be you. The Real You.


LukeF, avatar


are not fights, they are civil discussions here. “

That right there has been one of the most pleasant things I’ve noticed as a new member of the myself!

yougenius, (edited ) to philosophy

I need a new stick bag and I can't pick, so I'm asking Mastodon for your opinion.

I've got three finalists, you let me know which one I should get!

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