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We thought Marrakech was a labyrinth, until we reached Fez/Fes. The preserved medieval Arab city is a maze, with veins and arteries of tiny streets and alleys. 25000 steps today walking through this intense and interesting maze of a city, with a local guide and by ourselves. Felt like stepping back in time.
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Brazilian authorities bury deceased migrants who drifted in African boat to the Amazon (

The bodies of nine migrants found on an African boat off the northern coast of Brazil’s Amazon region were buried Thursday with a solemn ceremony in the Para state capital of Belem. Fishermen off the coast of Para found the boat adrift April 13, carrying the bodies that were already decomposing. Brazilian officials later said...

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Navigating the labyrinth of alleys in the colorful souks of Marrakech old town.


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Isotopic evidence of high reliance on plant food among Later Stone Age hunter-gatherers at Taforalt, Morocco - Nature Ecology & Evolution [Open Access] (

Abstract: The transition from hunting-gathering to agriculture stands as one of the most important dietary revolutions in human history. Yet, due to a scarcity of well-preserved human remains from Pleistocene sites, little is known about the dietary practices of pre-agricultural human groups. Here we present the isotopic...

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MARWAN, the #Moroccan #Research & #Education #Network, recently welcomed a significant #connectivity upgrade from Rabat to London, where it peers with the GÉANT network with onward traffic to other R&E networks around the world.

The #AfricaConnect3 project team spoke to Redouane Merrouch, MARWAN Director; Yahya Tayalati, leading high-energy physicists at UM6P and Hassnae El Jarrari, Research Physicist at #CERN 👉

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South Sudan’s disrupted oil exports due to neighboring Sudan’s civil war could escalate insecurity (

The disruption of oil exports from South Sudan after one of its key oil pipelines to international markets was damaged in February could further escalate already acute level of violence and in security in the country, experts have warned....

At least 65 migrant bodies found in Libya mass grave, says UN (

A mass grave containing the bodies of at least 65 migrants has been found in Libya, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has said. The IOM said the circumstances of their deaths and their nationalities are still unknown but they believe they died being smuggled through the desert towards the Mediterranean....

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Mauritania’s President woos European investors for green hydrogen projects (

Mauritania’s President Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazoauni boasted the North African country’s green hydrogen potential and called on European investors attending the European Union – African Union summit at the Global Gateway Forum to seize opportunities....

Climate Change Turns African Rivers into Epicentres of Conflict (

Almost all major river basins in Africa have become the epicentres for conflicts over the last 20 years, and agricultural yields on the continent could drop by up to 50 percent in the coming years owing to the drying up of ‘traditional’ water sources, thanks in part to effects climate change and degradation of the...

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United Nations Security Council urges Libya rivals to finalize post-Disaster election laws (

Rival parties in Libya must mobilize through dialogue to finalize electoral laws and enable presidential and parliamentary elections to take place, a senior United Nations official told the 15-member organ today, in his first briefing since devastating floods caused widespread death and destruction in the north-east....

Algeria: appeal trial begins for around a hundred people accused of lynching a man during the 2021 fires (

The appeal trial of 102 people accused of having lynched to death Djamel Bensmaïl, a young painter who came to help put out deadly fires in Kabylia, in northern Algeria, during the summer of 2021 and wrongly taken for a arsonist, opened on Sunday October 15 in Algiers, noted an AFP journalist......

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#NorthAfrica is not immune to #ClimateChange, but this is also about #corruption and incompetence. In #Morocco perhaps you had seconds or minutes when the tectonic plates moved, but here in #Libya there was plenty of warning about this hurricane … yet there was no evacuation of #Derna. "

‘Disastrous beyond comprehension’: 10,000 missing after #LibyaFloods | #Floods | The Guardian

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