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Book review #16 for 2024 Colin Dexter's Service of All the Dead. Another Dexter novel of twists and turns that are made straight in the concluding chapters of the book. I still cannot listen to this series without hearing the voices of the late John Thaw CBE and Kevin Whatley as Morse and Lewis. Well narrated.
☕☕☕☕ review #morse #crimefiction #books @bookstodon @books

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Translate text to Morse code


(Trying to get the search engines to index the function pages, which initially were accidentally set not to. Feel free to boost and help with that.)

#wikifunctions #morse #morsecode

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Do you often use online websites to decipher cryptographic messages? Like Caesar Cipher, Base64, ASCII85, Morse, or something like that.

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“This is the J-38. Not as clumsy or random as a bug*; an elegant straight key for a more civilized age.”

  • those that have developed the ability to use a bug to the degree that the code produced can't be identified as coming from a bug - I salute you!

#morsecode #morse #StraightKey365

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Installing dev tools on my #beepy device (a #rapsberrypi zero W, with a battery, a 400x240px display and a BlackBerry keyboard)

I should be able to compile my kbd2cw tool to send #morse with my transceivers


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Tired: Morse code was the first digital mode
Wired: Morse code was the first variable length encoding

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Technical: #MorseCode was the first lossless static stream compression for natural language.

Theoretical: #Morse #Code allows to increase the amount of text that can be transmitted in the same time at the cost of sacrificing Fano Condition Compliance, which was postulated decades later.

Practical: You can - at least in theory - morse text faster than if you were to send ASCII characters in binary and you can easier and faster learn to decode and/or encode signals than ASCII bits.

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@vk6flab @jupiter Needless to say that Code being a binary signal code can be done on infinitely narrow channels and thus be extremely efficient when compared to DVB-S - Standards.

Which is why it was the prime mode to do "" (Earth-Moon-Earth communication, using the Moon as passive signal reflector) prior to the advent of computer-/DSP-based solutions like that allow for worse SNR than human ears + ...

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I though I’d learn #Morse code and #AVR programming at the same time. I started with an ATmega48P gating a 555 generating a tone. But that’s boring. So, I extended my code to generate #MIDI messages toggling D#6 on and off. #hamradio #electronics

A left hand in the lower left corner is seen holding iambic paddles. The rest of the frame is close to the display area of a mid- to late-90's consumer MIDI keyboard. The hand is seen alternating between actuating the two paddles changing the program on the keyboard.

I figured it'd be worth posting this here. It's the playlist for the CW Ninja program, which uses the Farnsworth method of learning CW and is the best free CW resource available. (www.youtube.com)

Morse Code Course - Farnsworth speed of 20/10wpm. Directions and full course listing can be found here -- https://morsecode.ninja/learn/index.html . Listen c...

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The Peak of Vacuum Tube Radio Design - One of the more popular trends in the ham radio community right now is operating a... - https://hackaday.com/2023/05/12/the-peak-of-vacuum-tube-radio-design/

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