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#RonDeSantis is imposing laws that violate the #Constitution, infringing on the Constitutional rights of vulnerable #minorities he doesn't like, and refusing to abide by federal laws that he's opposed to. The man is a #tyrant who's bitter about his pathetic showing as a presidential candidate, and behaving as though laws and the Constitution are optional.

#FireRonDeSantis #DeSantisTheFascist #DeSantisDystpoia #RonDeSantisIsANazi #VoteBlue

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Here, but not here. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what drove me off Mastodon. #Zionism, #Islamophobia, #AntiArabRacism (an odd one to affect me, since I am NOT #Arab, nor have I ever claimed to be) were the usual suspects.

Instance #admins & #mods did what they do best on the fediverse: they attacked. I was but one of a handful of #ProPalestine voices on here that needed to be silenced. #Dogpiling is one of their tactics. People come out of the woodwork to attack. It overwhelms.

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They do this until you finally can’t take it anymore, and you leave. You stop logging on because you feel so sick and depressed from it all. You’ve been #harassed and #bullied nearly to the point of breaking. You’ve been called horrible names by horrible people who have thousands of followers.

The #Fediverse fucking sucks. All of social media sucks. It’s all just a toxic waste land filled with pathetic people who have nothing better to do than to attack #minorities. 😑

Ukraine's Romani people face discrimination in Germany (

Fleeing from war, the experience of Romani people in Germany differs from that of other Ukrainians. They often encounter racism instead of help. More than 1.1 million people have fled to Germany as a result of the war in Ukraine — including an estimated several thousand Romani refugees, members of Europe's largest minority....

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Baloch Yakjehti Committee to protest against genocide in over 20 cities of Balochistan (

As Pakistan prepares for the upcoming Eid al Fitr, peaceful dissent can be noticed in Balochistan against the regular occurrences of enforced disappearances and other atrocities inflicted by Pakistan on the Baloch community. The Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC), an organisation involved in Baloch rights advocacy, recently...

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The changing face of protest

Mass protests used to offer a degree of safety in numbers. Facial recognition technology changes the equation.

#dissent #FacialRecognition #protests #minorities #india #russia #china #iran #authoritarianism #technology #privacy #StateSurveillance

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CAA Is an Assault on Muslims, but It Will Come for Hindus Too

The act, while eviscerating the secular fabric of the country, also offers no relief to those Hindus who have declared that they are citizens of India but cannot show the papers asked by the BJP government to prove their claim.

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Welcome to our new members coming over from Tumblr!

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@ada Oh nice, can we add your server to the list ?

How are the fine Tumblr people finding us? I hope fediverse folks are generously sharing invite links to their Tumblr friends right now. :)

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How are minorities stealing from white people when 70% of us are poor and 50% of all WOC earn below poverty wages? Sorry but the thieves are your own. They're stealing from you and you're literally opening the door for them and offering lemonade. #whitesupremacy #inequality #racism #minorities #billionaires

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Alert DM 60 days in advance, let police assess ‘real intention’: Chhattisgarh prepares Bill to regulate conversion

Chhattisgarh conversion Bill: While the draft is ready, sources said some amendments could be made before it is finally presented in the Vidhan Sabha.

#chhattisgarh #AntiConversionLaw #conversions #ReligiousFreedom #BJPStates #minorities #christians #dalits #adivasis #india

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Many blame the poor for being unable to sustain their lives in the systems of this society - not realizing the fact that there are many at play and this is some of what many of the call systemic oppression

The community has been marked and labeled as "dangerous" as have and those living in

The truth is our existence stands as proof that "hard work" doesn't save you from death and despair or poverty

Not long ago:

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Places of Worship Act – a crucible for the idea of India

The next few months and years will determine which vision of India will triumph – the one which (as the Act does) recognises fault lines that were imaginarily wiped out by the lawmakers to bolster the dream of a unified vision of a shared India, or the one which is premised on cultural supremacy and reclamation of a glorious religious past. Soutik Banerjee writes.

#PlacesOfWorshipAct #BabriMasjidDemolition #IndianMosques #minorities #IndianMuslims #UnionGovt #hindutva #ReligiousFreedom #rights #india

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#Canada #Inequality #work #wages #minorities

'Equi'Vision [is] a new website that shines light on the barriers to equity experienced by women, Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minorities in federally regulated private sector industries. It provides user-friendly, easily comparable data on workforce representation rates and the pay gaps experienced by members of the four designated groups recognized under the Employment Equity Act. '

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French journalist served notice over OCI card denies charge of ‘malicious’ reportage

The MHA sent a notice to the journalist asking why her OCI card should not be withdrawn.

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Ethnic diversity climbs in Victoria area, still lags behind British Columbia as a whole

Despite influx of visible minorities, capital region at 16.7% still has less than half provincial percentage

#diversity #minorities #China #Asia #immigration #migrants #yyj #VictoriaBC

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When talking about racism and sexism, it's good to know how we all subconsciously use various psychological tricks to diminish that:

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What is the link between Modi’s Christmas event and a network helping bolster his personality cult?

Anoop Antony Joseph, who is connected to an initiative called the ‘Modi Story’, was key to facilitating the attendance of high-profile clergy members.

#NarendraModi #IndianChristians #catholics #BJP #ModiStory #AnoopAntonyJoseph #BlueKraftDgitalFoundation #IntegrateMPowerTrust #ModiPR #minorities #ReligiousFreedom #christians #hindutva #india

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Meitei Christians in India’s Manipur Face Broad Attacks

While the conflict has been ethnic in nature, there has been an underlying communal element to the violence, write Makepeace Sitlhou and Greeshma Kuthar.

#manipur #AntiChristianViolence #meiteis #MeiteiChristians #BJP #RSS #HinduMobs #hindutva #BJPStates #minorities #ManipurViolence #india

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Under A Shadow Of Fear, Christians Celebrate Christmas, But Not Like Before

After another year of Hindu fundamentalists attacking and harassing Indian Christians, the worst state being Uttar Pradesh, Christians living in Kanpur and the neighbouring state of Madhya Pradesh said they celebrate Christmas under a shadow of fear. So worried are they about encountering a mob accusing them of orchestrating religious conversions, they no longer feel safe staying at church for a long time or carolling into the early hours of the morning.

#UttarPradesh #MadhyaPradesh #christmas #christians #ReligiousFreedom #HinduMobs #communalism #minorities #BJPStates #IndianChristians #hindutva #BJP #catholics #india

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Arms, ethnic domination, choking dissent: Why India is embracing the Israel model

From refusing to recognise Israel to making Tel Aviv a key ally, India’s trajectory reflects a questioning of its very foundations, writes Sajjad Hassan.

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Diversity Naysayers Make Labor Crisis Worse

A good article by Russ Niles on #AVweb. The story deals with #aviation, but is widely applicable and well argued.

One of the most interesting, frustrating, entertaining and occasionally frightening tasks of the modern-day editor is monitoring the comments on the stories we run. Most outlets have disabled comments because it’s just too much damn work to filter out the mean, hateful and irrelevant missives that inevitably appear no matter what the topic. It must be all Trump’s fault. Or wait, maybe it’s Biden’s.

#diversity #minorities #airline #airlines #aircraft #flying #bigots #bigotry

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New changes “are far worse than those announced on Oct. 13 — worse for Quebec, worse for its universities, worse for Quebec businesses who need talent, and worse for McGill.”

Quebec’s “catastrophic” plan to overhaul university financing is a “targeted attack” on English universities, McGill’s president says.

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