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Today is , a day to feature work from newsrooms that have an active presence in the . If you like what you see in the thread below, follow the profiles and boost their stories. If you're a journo or newsroom that we don't know about (or there's someone that should be on our radar), please comment below.


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"Last Saturday, the Minnesota Republican Party formally endorsed Royce White, a former NBA basketball player, to be the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate."

As Judd Legum and Tesnim Zekeria report, White wrote in 2022 that "many of the Jewish people have lost their faith in a loving God," and their faith has been replaced by "materialism."



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"White defended Ye (formerly Kanye West) after the rapper praised Hitler in 2022. At the time, White criticized Jews for focusing on the Holocaust 'to provide a victimhood cover for their own corrupt practices.'"

In 2023, White stated In July 2023, White lamented that “women have become too mouthy.” He has stated that “[t]he LGBTQ movement is the brainchild of radical feminists and their cucked men.”


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The Foshay tower in downtown Minneapolis required guy wires when it was originally built.

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Via Democracy Docket:

NEW: Gov. Tim Walz (D) signs a package of pro-voter bills into law — including the Minnesota Voting Rights Act — to protect ballot access after the 8th Circuit gutted private enforcement of the federal Voting Rights Act in the state.


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New Amtrak Borealis train begins service tomorrow, May 21st, 2024


333 to and 340 to will become Train 1333 to and 1340 to Chicago.

@msp @usa

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Excellent article by Sharon Lerner. Long, but reads fast like intrigue fiction (but 100% true).

> After the late ’70s, when 3M scientists established that the chemical was toxic in animals and was accumulating in humans, it produced millions of pounds per year.

> all people have at least one forever chemical in their blood, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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For more on how this affected one community, read this from Dec 2022


> 3M dumped chemical waste in Washington County for decades. A lot of young people got cancer. Some of them made it, some didn’t.

Amara Strande, profiled in the article, died on April 14, 2023 at age 20.


ProPublica, to Futurology
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Toxic Gaslighting: How 3M Executives Convinced a Scientist the Forever Chemicals She Found in Human Blood Were Safe

Decades ago, Kris Hansen showed 3M that its PFAS chemicals were in people’s bodies.

Her bosses halted her work.

As the now forces the removal of the chemicals from drinking , she wrestles with the secrets that 3M kept from her and the world.


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Kilen Woods State Park

Jackson County, Minnesota, USA; traditional territory of the Wahpeton, Yankton, and Očhéthi Šakówiŋ nations / Explore more at https://bit.ly/KilenWoods_2023-05-29

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The temperature is a glorious 54°F/12°C outside and is heavenly in the springtime. We left all the windows open last night and everything is crisp and cool this morning. We’ll keep it open until the storms arrive this evening.

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Please be mindful what you bring to the #minnesota convention of the #gop #republicans

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Sitting beneath the cherry tree and listening to the steady roar of the bees in the blossoms is one of the things I enjoy most about spring in #Minnesota.

#mnastodon #bloomscrolling #bees

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Is the PWHL dead in the States? Toronto at Minnesota and all the seats below the level of the camera are empty. Across the ice, looks pretty full. So did the arena move everyone to one side to give a Trump impression of the crowd? Cheap, really cheap. I expected more of a hockey state like Minnesota.

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Article 13, Section 7 of the Minnesota Constitution states

“No license required to peddle.

Any person may sell or peddle the products of the farm or garden occupied and cultivated by him without obtaining a license therefor.“

Because of this wording a group of Minnesotans is arguing the state constitution allows them to sell their home-grown marijuana — they’re legally growing — without a sales license and are asking a judge to weigh in.


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A fun (and extremely pragmatic) exploration of the new state flag "controversy":


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AG Sues Contract-for-Deed Seller Who Allegedly Targeted Community

The complaint, which alleges violations of lending and religious discrimination, follows a ProPublica and Sahan Journal investigation.


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cut it to 10 late in the second quarter, but two steals by the , a breakaway dunk by Porter Jr. and a steal and three-pointer from the BACKCOURT by Jamal Murray add up to a 15-point halftime lead. @nba

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Sometime around 10PM tonight the Twin Cities is about to get hit by Canadian wildfire smoke.

Take care, especially if you're going outside tonight!

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Looking out the window at the sunset:

Check your masks and run the air filters, .

(A side effect of having lived in California: Telling the air quality by the color of the Sun).

QT MN Air Quality Index @mpca_aqi
2024 May 12

An air quality alert for Red/Unhealthy for All continues for all of Minnesota. Smoke has reached St Cloud/ Marshall, and will soon reach the Twin Cities. The smoke is following a cold front moving from north to south and will linger overnight.

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Flying the new state flag today.

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Well done . Your new is so much cooler looking

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