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The latest Broadway production of “Merrily We Roll Along” is as good as everyone says. The main trio are terrific together, which makes the part where they aren’t that much more painful. The “Not a Day Goes By” reprise (preprise?) remains one of the biggest gut punches in musical theater history.

‘Merrily We Roll Along’ Extends Hit Broadway Run To July (

Merrily We Roll Along, the hit Broadway revival of the Stephen Sondheim-George Furth musical starring Daniel Radcliffe, Jonathan Groff and Lindsay Mendez, is extending performances through Sunday, July 7, 2024, giving ticket-buyers an additional three months to grab seats....

‘Merrily We Roll Along’ Takes $1.3M, Breaks House Record & Sells Out With Big $225 Average Ticket (

The Broadway season of the revival of Merrily We Roll Along starring Daniel Radcliffe, Jonathan Groff and Lindsay Mendez, broke the six-performance house record at the Hudson Theatre with a $1.3 million gross in its first week of previews....

Merrily We Roll Along Extends Broadway Run By Two Months (

The first ever Broadway revival of Stephen Sondheim and George Furth's Merrily We Roll Along has extended its engagement by two months. Originally announced to run through 21 January 2024, the show will now run through 24 March. Performances start on 19 September 19, 2023 at the Hudson Theatre....

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