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Made a new ! It’s a Charybdis Nano designed by bastardkb, and it’s not for me, it’s for @joenash. This time, I the case, but no handwiring - really cool flexible PCBs. It works non-tented too. Do you want a silly keyboard? I like talking about keyboards and soldering stuff, so maybe I can help. Say hi!

A photograph of the back of the keyboard, showing the tent system and the connection sockets.

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Sinjo, to random

Does anyone know where I could get a set of rainbow keycaps (ideally quite pastel) for my ErgoDox EZ?

Really struggling to find anything. Happy to cobble something together by buying the same set multiple times if needed.

#MechBoards #MechanicalKeyboards #MechKB #Keycaps #ErgoDox #ErgoDoxEZ

ctietze, to random avatar

Welcome to Keyboard Monday, everyone!

I'm typing this on my ZSA Moonlander and record the process on my microphone so that you can hear the popcorn sound my switches make.

It's quite the "holiday" experience to type with the Clickiez again :)

#mechanicalkeyboard #mechkb #zealpc #clickiez

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