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So, when are we going back to cable?

Max raises prices across its ad-free plans

weston, to max avatar

Every single Monday, I open the app to watch , it is never on my home screen, I have to manually search for the show.

What I DO see on the home screen is resume for the last 30 seconds of last weeks episode.

This is only part of why the Max app sucks.

hayes_, to games in According to SteamDB at the time of this writing, the all-time peak player count for Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle: Chomp Champs on PC has yet to reach the game's 64-player quota.

According to SteamDB at the time of this writing, the all-time peak player count for Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle: Chomp Champs on PC has yet to reach the game’s 64-player quota. Only 52 players have ever been recorded to be playing the game on Steam simultaneously since its debut

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"You're a gay Republican? How does that make sense?"

#Hacks #HBO #Max

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#DunePart2 #max #DenisVilleneuve
"Denis Villeneuve’s 'Dune: Part Two' will be available to stream on Max next Tuesday, May 21."

Dune 2 Gets Max Streaming Release Date: How to Watch 'Part Two' Online

"Denis Villeneuve’s 'Dune 2' sets its Max release date."

caos, to max German> Beschwerde gegen OpenAI in der EU

ChatGPT vielleicht kriminell

Dass ChatGPT auch Unsinn liefert, ist bekannt. Wenn die KI-Software allerdings Fakenews über Personen ausspuckt, könnte das gegen EU-Recht verstoßen.

Schwerpunkt: Künstliche Intelligenz

#taz #tageszeitung #Max #Schrems #DSGVO #Europawahl

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Have to post this one. Back when better TV was on.

jacklaridian, to max avatar

Trying to watch 'AQUAMAN: THE LOST KINGDOM' on and it's already clear this one is not as good as the first one. Eh, at least I'm not paying for it. 😐

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Stresshormone können zu verbesserter Denkleistung beim Kind führen

Wer dies weiter denkt 🤔 könnte zu der Annahme gelangen, dank der usw. usw. wächst gerade die leistungsfähigste Jugend heran.
Die Stressdosis machts vermutlich ❗

itnewsbot, to streaming

Paramount ends Warner Bros. Discovery merger talks, continues mulling sell-off - Enlarge (credit: Paramount+)

Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) and ... - .discovery

AnimeNerd25, to max

While the have two days off before their home game against the Sabres, the have back to back games, facing the Devils tomorrow at 1 PM EST on and streaming on . @hnom

stina_marie, to television avatar

Thank you, Issa Lopez for breathing new life into this series and making such a wonderful bridge between the old and new.

I'm so excited for what she'll create, the people she'll bring along with her, and for the opportunities this creates FOR her. 🖤

#TrueDetective #NightCountry #IssaLopez #Season5 #HBO #MAX #horror @horror

evi, to max

Well this was totally expected.

paul, to johnoliver avatar

VIDEO: ‘Last Week Tonight's’ John Oliver offers to give Clarence Thomas a $2.4 million dollar motorcoach and $1 million a year for the rest of his life to “Get The F*ck off the Supreme Court”

#JohnOliver #USPol #ClarenceThomas #SCOTUS #LastWeekTonight .

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Update: HBO Delays With Release On YouTube. Oliver states, starting this season, the network will be releasing new episodes of the show on Thursdays now.

I guess this is to drive subscriptions to .

mjgardner, to brainfood avatar

What a lazy “#documentary.” It’s almost all archival footage skewing towards the false notion that #Y2K was hysterical hype about a nonexistent problem.

People who diminish the necessity of the massive effort and expense directed at the #Year2000 problem are no better than doomsday #preppers and #conspiracy theorists spreading pointless #disinformation.

#film #movies #HBO #Max #1990s #90s #2000s

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Okay, did not expect to see a Lil Jon and Steve Aoki collab for a wild remix of "Get Low" called "Get Lower."

Check it out

And really, who hasn't Steve Aoki been working with lately?!?

mdmrn, avatar

Speaking of new music, Max's "Stupid in Love" with Yunjin from Le Sserafim just showed up in my recommendations.

Glad it did. It's cute and fun.

stina_marie, to television avatar

Oh, also, for anyone who doesn't know...
I'm pretty sure this is because of the Superb Owl but, you know what? I'm okay with it.


#TrueDetective #TrueDetectiveS4 #HBO #MAX #TrueDetectiveNightCountry #NightCountry #IssaLopez #horror @horror

dsmoore, to Horror

Rewatched “Malignant” last night and it finally made sense. I think. @horror

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“‘I would absolutely not fly a Max airplane,’ said Ed Pierson, a former Boeing senior manager. ‘I’ve worked in the factory where they were built, and I saw the pressure employees were under to rush the planes out the door. I tried to get them to shut down before the first crash.’

‘I would tell my family to avoid the Max. I would tell everyone, really,’ said Joe Jacobsen, a former engineer at Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration.”

stina_marie, to Horror avatar
jacobyaudio, to max avatar

Two new episodes of "Sort Of" are out in the US on

OMG do I love this show.

avldigital, to max German avatar

Das -Planck-Institut für empirische in Frankfurt am Main sucht eine "stud. oder wiss. Hilfskraft, 40-80 Std/Monat, Redaktion 'Lexikon über '".

🗓️Bewerbungsfrist: 15. Februar 2024

📌Weitere Informationen: @litstudies @germanistik @italianstudies

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