ellestad, to tea
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"Golden Green" is such a nice name for a tea, and it is a pleasant light green tea, I can't resist another day of it. Clean, zippy energy.

#GreenTea #LüCha #OneRiverTea #Tea #Cha #DailyTea @tea

ellestad, to tea
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Was looking through the green teas and came across this 2021 Golden Green from One River Tea. Oops. Normally try to drink green tea before they get more than a couple years old. In any case, while some of the youthful vigor may have faded, it is still an interesting tea.

#GreenTea #LüCha #OneRiverTea #Tea #Cha #DailyTea @tea

Green tea in a bowl.
Spent green tea leaves.

tagesschau, to random German
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Lauterbachs Homöopathie-Pläne wohl schwer umsetzbar

Zu Jahresbeginn kündigte Gesundheitsminister Lauterbach an, Homöopathie als Kassenleistung zu streichen. Das zog teils laute Kritik nach sich. Nun ist der entsprechende Passus im Gesetzentwurf verschwunden. Von N. Bader und T. Handel.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/inland/innenpolitik/lauterbach-homoeopathie-102.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

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@tagesschau Ouh, das wirft kein gutes Licht auf die im Südwesten, wenn man da die Wortlaute von und so vernimmt... 🤔

Kommt schon, die Evidenz muss einziger Maßstab sein!

ellestad, to tea
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Warm enough yesterday that I got out some green tea. I meant to drink up this ganlu from White2Tea last year, but nice to have it around for a warm spring day. (Yeah, I'm lazy brewing Chinese tea in a Japanese Kyusu.)

#GreenTea #LüCha #White2Tea #Tea #Cha #DailyTea @tea

Notice: Some bots are spamming the community. Should you notice any weird comments, please do report them.

Noticed over the last few hours at least 4-5 new bot accounts have spammed a thread I made last week with random comments with links to purchase shite. They seem to target older threads I assume to reduce the risk of people finding and removing the comments/links but should any of you see such comments, please to report them so...

Nash speaks further on attending Sting’s last match (wrestlingnews.co)

On the latest "Kliq This" podcast, Kevin Nash said he is not on WWE payroll and cleared up what he said last week on why he won’t be at Sting’s last match. Nash previously stated that Sting invited him to be there but Nash couldn't go because of his affiliation with WWE....

Malakai Black and Zelina Vega's wrestling school has released the first episode of a new YouTube series featuring their students: Dark Prospects | Ritual 1 (with commentary by none other than Tony Schiavone) (youtu.be)

Welcome to the first episode of the student oriented Pro Wrestling show “Dark Prospect” informatively called “Ritual 1.”...

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