dhry, to mechanicalkeyboards
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Another fun Vietnamese artisan .

dhrystone, to mechanicalkeyboards

GMK Earth Tones set with Hootie cap. I find this colorway really aesthetically pleasant and might have been convinced to get in on the groupbuy if it wasn’t GMK.



dhrystone, to mechanicalkeyboards
dhrystone, to mechanicalkeyboards
dhrystone, to mechanicalkeyboards

I swear there is no limit to the insipid designs that these Vietnamese #artisan #keycap designers can come up with 🤣

#Mechanicalkeyboards #mechanicalkeyboard #mechkeys


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Yakamoz, my latest ortholinear mechanical keyboard, designed and built by @ozkan , which also got featured on kbd.news


dhrystone, to mechanicalkeyboards

I quite like this #keycap set. Appealing colors, good price and fun-looking novelties. $39 for alphas, $49 including novelties. https://drop.com/buy/benemate-apollo-keycap-set?defaultSelectionIds=979844

itnewsbot, to RaspberryPi
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Running DOOM in a Keycap Takes Careful Work - Shoehorning DOOM into different hardware is a classic hacker’s exercise, and TheK... - https://hackaday.com/2023/08/09/running-doom-in-a-keycap-takes-careful-work/ [

AAMfP, to random
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I was wandering around my notes and files and I've found a few interesting links related to our favourite #mechanicalkeyboards and so, here you are:

No #keycap has been injured in creating this list.

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