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Our first rental here in 2014 was $750/m.

Our second rental was $1020/m in 2016.

Our third rental was $1350 in 2019…

…. wait for it…

Units like ours now rent from $2,000-2,200/m.

Prices for rent have nearly TRIPLED in less than a decade. We’ve been priced out - it’s a large part of why we’re leaving.

How do you get ahead, save, and buy homes in this economy?!

has a housing crisis.
has a housing crisis. Vancouver Island has a housing crisis.

insert expletives

HistoPol, avatar

@opendna @snoda @britt @drahardja

10 years ago, I might have laughed.

I get your point.

I do have a suggestion, though.
Take a look at PolitcsGirls' interviews with 's new mayor on , , before the election and recently.
She seems to be very structured, gas declared a Emergency...and seems to be making significant progress.

(I think I tooted about the interviews here, too, BTW.)

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