CharlieMcHenry, to random avatar

This is precisely why rejuvenating the state hospital system and lowering the bar for involuntary commitment (with safeguards) is essential to battling rough-sleeping homelessness. “After brief housing, man's drug use results in him back on Portland streets” - See, the thing is a percentage of the unhoused are in serious drug addiction or mental health crises. These folks deserve better, namely housing and treatment in state facilities that are built and staffed to accommodate their needs. City shelters are never going to serve this population adequately, just not gonna happen.

Razor58, to KindActions avatar

only need $80.00 to meet my $230 room rent goal for June 12 th to June 19 th cashapp ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

ProPublica, to Albuquerque avatar

Is Throwing Out the Belongings of People, Violating City Policy

The city has violated a court order and its own policies by discarding the personal property of thousands of homeless people, who have lost medications, birth certificates, IDs, treasured family photos and the ashes of loved ones.

br00t4c, to random avatar

Albuquerque Is Throwing Out the Belongings of Homeless People, Violating City Policy

#cruz #homeless

glassdelusion, to portland avatar

If you really want to transition the to permanent housing, tiny home villages work better than shelters. Pass it on and build build build

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br00t4c, to gaming avatar

Video of man throwing water on homeless person in Montreal draws outrage

#gaming #homeless

br00t4c, to random avatar

Secret Service notified as Trump aide brags about 'causing innocent people to be arrested'

#johnmcentee #scumbag #criminal #homeless #unhoused #abuse #counterfeit

br00t4c, to random avatar

Homeless mum feels like she has failed her family


2CB, to random avatar

I picked up two pretty grungy bikes donated to Repeat Boutique several weeks ago. They are good sturdy machines that can provide transportation to someone who shops there for free clothing, household goods, etc. But not in the shape they were in. Both are mountain hybrids with handlebar extensions and rat trap pedals. Lots of mud, 4 flat tires, 1 chain jammed, 4 nonfunctional combo shifter- brake levers, no kickstands. Ugh. So Friday I ⤵️

LadyAijou, to KindActions avatar

A dear friend of mine is experiencing homelessness after coming out as trans. Any help in boosting or sharing, or donations will help her make it to her destination where help and support are waiting

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Razor58, to KindActions avatar
ahimsa_pdx, to oregon avatar

From OPB:

"Advocates for homeless seek lasting solutions even as Supreme Court weighs Grants Pass case"

"The Supreme Court’s decision in the case out of southern Oregon, expected in June, will broadly impact how local governments write homelessness policy in the United States."

#Oregon #Houseless #Homeless #GrantsPass #SCOTUS

br00t4c, to random avatar

Random homeless woman paid $20 to babysit 7 year-old girl while grandpa drank in bar refuses to give her back to shitfaced idiot


Razor58, to KindActions avatar

please help me stay sheltered I'm @$240.00 of the $460.00 needed to cover two weeks room rent my social security ✔️ can't June 5 th to June 19thif not I'm on streets

etherdiver, to random avatar

Spotify to raise prices, then pay musicians even less.

If your music is on Spotify, why? Are you so successful that you enjoy subsidizing Spotify executives' extravagant lifestyles?

SabiLewSounds, avatar

@etherdiver I don't make anything tbh and never will either way thus - #homeless

But I agree

nando161, to Godzilla avatar
br00t4c, to random avatar
Razor58, to KindActions avatar

currently at $154.00 of the $460.00 needed for two weeks room rent by June 5 th to June 19 th if not I'm on streets two weeks until I get my social security ✔️

br00t4c, to martialartsmemes avatar

Floyd Mayweather Blesses 3 Homeless Men With An Extremely Generous Financial Gift

SabiLewSounds, to random avatar

It's #BandcampFriday and my family still needs $706 by Sunday to stay under a roof

Help this #homeless creator by buying music today

Also available in my #KofiShop

br00t4c, to random avatar
Razor58, to KindActions avatar

I#homeless please help if you can June 5th is getting closer I have $50/$460 needed to cover room rent for two weeks my social security ✔️ can't

_L1vY_, avatar

Does anyone have $12 ⬆️ for today? If Ray @Razor58 can get just $12/day until then, he will have enough to cover the 2-week gap in his soc sec check and stay sheltered.

#MutualAid @mutualaid #homeless

Razor58, to random avatar
_L1vY_, avatar

Ray ⬆️ @Razor58 is still in a motel looking for better housing or at least reliable shelter, he asked if there's anyone who could do this kind of trailer build?

He's still in TX for the time being. Would go elsewhere but ideally would like to go to .


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