elizach, to television
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Post-holiday Tuesday blues got you down?
Check out my latest blog post where I share some of my favorite stress-relief TV shows that have been absolute lifesavers for me. 📺
ps. Sending you virtual hugs friends! 🤗


tomgwynplaine, to television Polish
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Jeżeli to są najlepsze programy TVN to boję się pomyśleć jakie są gorsze

Zenek73, to movies Polish
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Obejrzałem horror "Zakonnica" i ja już chyba nie umiem się bać albo zaangażować się odpowiednio w taki film. Albo było bardzo słaby horror. Ale w sumie mnie zaciekawił, więc "Zakonnica2" też obejrzę z ciekawości.

harmag, to television Polish
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Na trafił film dokumentalny , ukazujący międzynarodowy konkurs Chopinowski z 2021 roku z perspektywy kilku zawodników. Polecam - film fajnie potwierdza, a zarazem obala wiele mitów i stereotypów na temat muzyki poważnej i konkursów tego typu.

ellestad, to television
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I really enjoyed the animated series "Scavengers Reign". Not quite sure how to describe it, "Solaris" meets "Adventure Time" meets "Blue Planet"? Beautiful, serious, strange, contemplative, disturbing, psychedelic. One of the more interesting original SciFi series I've seen.

SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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dtgeek, to television
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From January (the last major Max cartoon purge): How to watch Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, and the Flintstones on DVD (and without HBO Max)


dtgeek, to max
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Max's Looney Tunes Cull Continues as Warner Bros. Removes Classic Shorts and Movies - IGN

emmreef, to television
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I'm watching The Insurrectionist Nextdoor.

All these people profiled are really something. One guy blames liberals for his prostitute girlfriend for breaking up with him. One guy has Proud Boy tattooed across his forehead. They're all walking billboards for reasons we need to invest in mental health services & education.

a_fuzzy_viking, to max
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**HBO Max trying to market defeaturing as "New Features." What the absolute fuck. **
Aligns directly with @pluralistic comments on enshitification of the internet.

majorlinux, to max
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If it isn't a price increase, it's a plan decrease.

Max is thanking long-time subscribers by taking away 4K - Desk Chair Analysts


itnewsbot, to streaming
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“Netflix effect” is back as studios license old shows to competitors again - Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Rene Wassenbergh | EyeEm)

Som... - https://arstechnica.com/?p=1976465

Desdelsofacat, to random Catalan


ha incorporat l'àudio en català de la trilogia de "El senyor dels anells". Ens ajudeu a fer la màxima difusió possible?



slcw, (edited ) to Hololive
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I'm going to #subscribe to a new #streamer. It's a toss-up. Who should I go with? #HBOMax or #Showtime?

Wraithe, to random
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O KAY!!!! Final episodes of starting October 12th.

and of course we canceled and that goes into effect on the 19th. 😂


stina_marie, to Curb
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🪙 30 MONEDAS aka 30 COINS 🪙

SEASON 2 is coming out on October 23rd people. If you have HBO & haven't watched this crazy ass show, make it a priority. If you like horror with a dollop of deranged glee, you need to check it out.


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