AbandonedAmerica, to random
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A lot of people have been really critical of HBO's rebranding as "Max", but I have to hand it to them about one thing: nothing makes you more excited about the renaming of a service than being automatically logged out of all your devices and having to spend over half an hour of your one and only life bouncing around broken phone apps, websites, and TV apps trying to reset your password to get in again

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@AbandonedAmerica that change was handled so poorly, that people in regions where the change to just Max isn't a thing yet, still couldn't log in and were requested to install an app that's not available in their region. #HBO is about to lose a lot of paying customers


@AbandonedAmerica Try doing it from outside the US, where you pay for their f’in service through an internet provider that they don’t recognize. Thanks a lot #hbomax #hbo.

jann, to random
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@dmoren @lexfri @Moltz NOT that I'm supporting them - cos I hate the name change, but #Max is so named 'cos of #Cinemax...

#HBO owns Cinemax. Hence the reason it was originally #HBOMax.

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@jann @lexfri @Moltz @dmoren Sounds right to me. I’m old enough to remember when both of those and were two of the four total premium movie channels, the others being and . 🤣

WarnerCrocker, to random
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I’m not sure the new “branding” of Max was actually thought through. Seriously.

“Don’t be confused because we confused you. We’re new. But still the same.”
#HBO #HBOMax #Max

ppatel, to random
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Since #HBO wouldn't let me watch the latest episode of #Succession due to an inaccessible CAPTCHA, I ended up watching several episodes of the mini-series "The Last Thing He Told Me," starring Jennifer Garner on #Apple TV. Mystery build with strong female characters.

ppatel, to accessibility
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Well, y'all, #HBO's rebranding is going really nicely for #blind people. The iOS app presents a perfectly useless CAPTCHA dialog after entering your email and password. The only way that the dialog box can be made accessible is by using screen recognition. Then you get to identify an animal sound from three options and type in your option. Once the audio plays, the entry screen disappears, meaning you can't enter the number.

It's like they didn't bother to test this with anyone


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So based on the above, if you want to watch #HBO content on your iOS device and use Voiceover, do not download the #Max app yet. I can't say how long the transition will last and will let you use the old app.

They could have used many other strategies to verify you as a user (including email verification, phone verification, or no verification at all). They deliberately added an unnecessary barrier to the signin process for #blind people. It's utterly Ridiculous.


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I've posted an update to the #HBO Max inaccessible CAPTCHA saga with a resolution. Essentially, support informs me that the CAPTCHA will be resolved. The flow has been updated so that, if you launch your original HBO Max app and launch the new experience through it, you should be able to bypass the sign in experience entirely.

I had to delete the app, restart my phone, and launch from the original app.

#accessibility #HBO


tanepiper, to random
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So #HBO are renaming their streaming service from "HBO Max" to "Max" and I want to know how much some brand agency for paid to basically tell them to drop their well known name for some generic overloaded word.

What is Pepsi decided to just rebrand as "Max"? How quickly would sales die.


popgeeks, to random
fifischwarz, to boeken Dutch
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'Kun je een beslissing maken die recht doet aan de levenssfeer van andere mensen?'


Review volgt. Kort samengevat alvast: aanrader voor wie in het (hoger) beroepsonderwijs werkt!


hpkomic, to random
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I have a love and appreciation for characters who are the absolute worst and make things worse for everyone around them and I have immediately gravitated toward Tom as my favorite in #Succession so far.

I love the juxtaposition of his servile personality with the Roy family and his douchebaggery toward Greg.


hpkomic, to random
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Starting episode 3 of #Succession and enjoying it quite a bit. It is the type of dialogue heavy show I enjoy.

#HBO #drama

astro_jcm, to random
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Do you also watch the intro for every #HBO #Succession episode all the way through or are you a monster?

dannysullivan, to random
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My favorite HBO Succession quotes this season….

“Ow. Don't criticize my jet interior. It hurts.”

“Three-point PR plan just off the top of my head. Point one. Might be hard for you, but stop sending people your blood.”

“Look. I think you're a corporate legend. What you did in the '90s with cable? Huge.”

#HBO #Succession #HBOSuccession

stop sending people your blood.
What you did in the '90s with cable?

brian, to random
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I just finished #TheLastOfUs. I know I’m late to the party, but I’m not great with scary stuff and kept putting it off. It was totally worth it. Excellent story.


HistoPol, (edited ) to internet
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I know a lot of people don't want to hear about the or anymore.

However, until is either broke or , or in jail, or at least not able to control the anymore, the following is very important to know about ’s :

One central key to understanding is this insightful article by @davetroy :

"👉’s Twitter Buy Makes No Sense — Unless It’s Part of Something Bigger👈"

I had this...


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"...The recent takeovers of and have prompted similar questions about why they were targeted for purchase, and the changes being made there. None of these moves makes very much sense if you’re looking backwards...

And there’s the matter of “X,” Musk’s proposed “.” It’s been floated as a response to ['s] , ’s ubiquitous app, that’s come to dominate both payments and the social sphere. Supposing such an app starts to take on the task of..."

wlaatje, to Netherlands Dutch
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Short Mastodon update:

After one month 24 Dutch institutions (already) joined the https://social.edu.nl Mastodon environment!
Meaning that ALL students, researchers, academics and employees of those 24 research and educational institutions can logon, “surf” and learn more about the Fediverse by using their existing educational credentials!


anasluqman, to Curb

Just realized Ellie from #HBO #TLOU was the Lady of Bear Island

anasluqman, to Curb

Watched pilot episode of HBO The Last of Us. Quite promising. Cant wait for episode 2. #HBO #TLOU

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