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GTA franchise has sold more copies than there are people in US and Canada - In its Q3 2024 earnings call on Thursday, Take-Two Interactive, the owners of Rock... -

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Me: has a massive backlog of new games that I should really get around to completing

Also me: yeah let’s play and complete gta 5 for the 1037383629633th time!

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a quanto pare, una parte del #SourceCode di #GTA5 è stata trapelata questo #Natale#RockstarGames / #TakeTwo sarà felicissima di questo #leak 🤯️

La schermata del mirror Tor con tutti i download dei leakevito di far vedere link qui, ma vi posso dire che ho scoperto la cosa da questo video di #Mutahar, e se soltanto guardando indizi lì ho in pochi minuti trovato la fonte, allora potete farcela anche voi… 🤗️

#GrandTheftAuto #GTA #GTA5 #leak #Mutahar #Natale #RockstarGames #SourceCode #TakeTwo

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GTA V Source Code Has Leaked

VX-Underground had talked with the people who responsible with the leak. Finally they confirmed. There is a mediafire link winding around! The people who is behind the leak told that they did this because they want to fight scamming in the GTA V modding scene, according to VX-Underground.
#leak #gta #gta5

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Ist GTA5 auf PS5 Streaming oder XCloud besser? Findet es in meinem neuen @Cloudplay Video heraus ✌️ und anschließend schaut doch mal beim Captain Aldi vorbei 😉 denn #RoboCop rockt

#PS5 #xcloud #GTA5


Grand Theft Auto 5 is 10 years old today! Will we see GTA 6 before the year is out!?

#gtav #gta5 #grandtheftauto6 #gta6 #grandtheftauto5 #gaming #gamingnews

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I wounder if @DiConX would do a ?

Or at least take the or and turn them into bluetooth handsets?

But I guess that's too easy for someone who streams on his over ...

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Ragazzi, adesso farò un intervento che mi farà passare per anche se ultratrentenne.
Ho fatto un giro su e ho fatto zapping tra i top streamer italiani che stavano trasmettendo in quel momento.
Francamente mi sono sentito smarrito e desolato.
C'è una tale povertà di contenuti e di idee che è una cosa che fa spavento: chi non gioca a gioca a , chi non importuna ragazze palesemente imbarazzate parla di calcio urlando.
Se questo è il futuro dell'intrattenimento...

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Playing some GTA V again and I forgot about the dark humor that's in there. A tech company called LifeInvader that creates a phone, with a keynote where the CEO claims it's the next step for exploiting their users personal data. Oh, and he looks a bit like Zuck. 😂

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96.31% of all GTA 5 players didn't finish the story mode on Xbox?

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@panda It was once in the Game Pass. That messes up such statistics from time to time.

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@kaiserkiwi @panda This. Plus, it's back in Game Pass.

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GTA V llega a !

Estos son los juegos que llegarán a este mes.

[ ]


@nuvault Que pongan el Starfield ya y se dejen de historias :gif_devil:

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Esta es la lista de los juegos más jugados en #SteamDeck durante el mes de Junio.

Va a salir #GTAVI y #GTAV seguirá estando entre los más jugados, igual que #Skyrim xD

[#GTA5 #GTA6 #Steam #Gaming #Videojuegos #Rockstar #Noticias ]

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If you love the Franchise, then you will like these games!

Here are some my recommendations:


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@Katieterk2002 Just discovered this video, might be something to check out:

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Only GTA5 Online players will get this.

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