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High-speed AI drone beats world-champion racers for the first time

University creates the first autonomous system capable of beating humans at drone racing.



"However, it was noted that the AI system showed limitations in generalization and adaptability, struggling when the conditions differed from those it was trained for, such as changes in lighting."

Freestyle #FPV for the win. Go humans!

doachs, to RadioControl

Want to have an event to fly drones without Remote ID? Apparently you can start the process to get a temporary event FRIA by sending the #FAA an email at

This would be what you would use to create an #fpv race event etc. where you would want to fly drones that don't have remote ID at a location where a FRIA does not currently exist.

#drone #drones #remoteID

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Drone Unit Commander "Maygar" shows his latest shippings, what appear to be dozens of 7-inch FPV Frames.

Likely this model

The drone war is a game of numbers, and Ukraine is likely the leader in innovation in this space.

#ukraine #drone #fpv


hanse_mina, to Ukraine

Great and a very long thread on how Russia is producing some of their FPV drones.

#Ukraine #Russia #FPV #Drones

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Do you have any favourite FPV drone gear and if so, why?

I have been having fun and enjoying the company of the #NIFPV community -

#Photography #StillLife #FPV #Drones #Controller #NorthernIreland

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Hello fellow Fediversians!

What are your favorite @pixelfed accounts to follow?

What are your favorite #Friendica accounts or groups to follow?


@mike @pixelfed

If you are interested in #drones, #fpv and #3DPrinting you could follow my account @digga_mies 😋 It's not much for now, but I will try to fill it with awesome stuff 😼

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