GottaLaff, to random avatar

'Night all.

Reminder that I'm totally distracted by all this house stuff, so I pop in and out.

But if anything major breaks, I always post.


@GottaLaff Check out this great Gig I've got from #fiverr

hotdogsladies, (edited ) to random avatar

Back to Work #642: "A Better Roll of Toilet Paper"


@hotdogsladies Check out this great Gig I've got from #fiverr

arstechnica, to random avatar

Antibodies against anything? AI tool adapted to make them

Right now, making antibodies means immunizing animals. But that may change.


@arstechnicaCheck out this great Gig I've got from #fiverr

SabiLewSounds, to random avatar

For any #creators who witnessed my #fiverr rant I need to make sure this is known

If you use the site I'm not shaming anyone for it, get paid we all need it

If you got degrees in your creative fields also no shame, this world conditions us for it

I was seeking a bachelor's for #MusicEd and didn't finish school because of #Poverty

I have known many artists and otherwise who are drowning in #debt even though they can work for the fancy coporate swines they're now slaves to the system

I get it

SabiLewSounds, to random avatar

So for a month or more (?) I thought my #fiverr profile was active

Turns out they had it all messed up because of some tax thing, I thought they would automatically publish my gig once it was verified 🫠

Anyway, this is why I prefer #kofi

#MastoArt #MastoWriting #MastoMusic

#Commissions are Open

SabiLewSounds, avatar

More on (yes I'm bitching while self promoting)

The lack of from this website is disgusting

Because of my and lack of safety since I'm getting and I'm not eating well my cognitive abilities are limited

I have constant brain fog and cannot go through the hoops they have just to post a commission on fiverr

I draw shit and can draw shit for you - on brand, in whatever style you need, want

SabiLewSounds, avatar

Not only is ablist it's fucking with it's BS requirements of having to list degrees for shit I've done my whole fucking life WITHOUT SCHOOLING gtfo

I'm sure all the pretentious assholes get all the clicks


Kofi is better

SabiLewSounds, avatar

The truth is wants you to pay them to "prove" your skills and if not they want you to pay them to promote your

Really just gross

But if you trust this platform more I'm on there

But if you trust small artists and musicians and writers who have built everything they have in

Check out my

Or my website

Love and peace

wagesj45, to ilaughed avatar

If anyone is ever in need of some green screen acting for your project, check out Dave. Dave is great. He really delivered for me.

#fiverr #acting #greenscreen #vidography #actor #dave #video #videos

DreamGryphon, (edited ) to pixelart

Finally had the courage to start offering commissions for tilesets: :)
Let's just hope it's not too stressful, I'm so not good at working under pressure. ^.^;

Edit: Updated picture

#PixelArt #GameDev #Commissions #Fiverr #SelfPromo #DreamGryphon

kaia, to random avatar

each time I see Amazon Mechanical Turk, I wonder how SJW are not all over this


@kaia WTF!?

This is just #combining the disadvantages of #Fiverr, #AWS & #Sweatshops with 0 advantages.

Also I'm convinced they don't care about that because the people doing these #Shitjobs ain't in the Global "North"...

Just like shitty #EcoHipster|s don't care that their #BatteryElectricVehicles' production es even more envoirmentally disastrous than a regular car and it's fuel...


@icedquinn @kaia so basically what I just said:

"This is just #combining the disadvantages of #Fiverr, #AWS & #Sweatshops with 0 advantages."

singingWolf, to random


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  • kkarhan,

    @bishop @singingWolf

    The only winning move is to add every #DeviantArt post to the #Portfolio and taking in Comissions from there and platforms ranging from #Patreon to #Fiverr or whatever option one has...

    kite, to Seiyuu

    I might have a job for an indie voice actor/audio book reader but don't know where to look?

    Where can I find someone lookin for a basic audio book job?

    #voiceacting #audiobook #lookingforwork


    @kite aside from #Fiverr?

    FrancoisGerber, to programming
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