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Some photos I edited in one of my favorite disposable camera app called HUJI. Photos in order:

  1. Dragonfruit in an H-Mart, Jan 2019.
  2. Outdoor seating area at a restaurant in North Raleigh, NC, Jan 2019.
  3. My lovely wife ❤️
  4. Vintage camera at a shop in Ponce City Market, Atlanta, GA, Jan 2019.
  5. An IPA called Mango Tango Foxtrot by Deepriver Brewing, Co. Jan 2019.
  6. Trees behind the apartments I used to live at. Jan 2019.
  7. Raindrops on the window at a Starbucks in North Hills, Raleigh, NC. June 2013.
  8. Puppy. April 2015.
  9. Orange Mannequins at Crabtree Valley Mall, Raleigh, NC. March 2016.
  10. A photo of my cat, Cookie. Jan 2019.


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Time for my periodic thread now that season is heating up. Make sure to ignore manufacturer's recommendations on room size for air purifiers and go right to the CADR rating. Room size should be about 1.5x CADR.

For example this model uses that guideline:

328 CFM CADR, to 508 sq ft, about 1.5 area to CADR ratio

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Hat es hier jemand geschafft die - mit Peter Lustig aus der herunterzuladen?

Ich möchte das gerne über machen, aber die eingestellten ( , Länge mindestens 20 Minuten, Thema Löwenzahn) sind leider nicht eindeutig genug, die nach hilft auch nicht.

Es sind immer auch Folgen mit Fritz Fuchs dazwischen, aber die interessieren mich im Augenblick nicht.

Ich bin für jeden oder dankbar. Guten Abend. 🙂

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Noen som har mikroplast-filter for vaskemaskina installert? Vurderer å skaffe en fra Planet Care.

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By Arcade Rage

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Bluetooth Wearable Becomes Rad Synth Controller - Once upon a time, a watch was just a watch. These days, though, smartwatches have ... -

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I've posted it before in the past but I'll post it again:

The single best thing I ever did with my #email account(s) was to set up a #filter for #MailingLists or #Subscriptions and have it skip the inbox and apply a label to it.

It catches 99% of things and makes me very happy to not have them in my inbox or notifications.

(Also makes them easy to find to unsubscribe etc)

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No Inductors Needed for This Simple, Clean Twin-Tee Oscillator - If there’s one thing that amateur radio operators are passionate about, it’s the s... - -tee -amp

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By Arcade Rage / Mart Virkus

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I came to my self-realization via . I've always been sensitive to people's energy. I'm not always able to decipher it but I pick up on it and feel it and have always been suspicious of people. Which has fed into my low self-esteem. I mean, I think I'm awesome and that they are all wrong. But I still feel it and then I ruminate.

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@sebwhatever My biggest struggles with self-esteem arise from my discord in social situations and overactive thought processes. So I #filter / #mask to avoid/inhibit experiencing these. Sometimes this takes the form of #avoidance of people and situations altogether. I don’t know I’ll ever find a happy medium. I do enjoy being able to talk about these challenges and comparing notes with others. It helps to know we’re not alone.

#ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #AuDHD
@actuallyautistic #community

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Was haben Trash-TV Serien so für Hashtags?

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I've reached an enjoyable fluency with the TiddlyWiki filter operators … where the real beauty and capability of this software shines.

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OH(NS): “oh I don’t see that often a ticket on what is that…. An eink device?”

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You may disagree fervently with Pres. Biden's Israel policies, and that's fine. But if you come into my feed calling him "Genocide Joe" or any variation on that theme, you're blocked.

I've already had to block a few accounts for this.

Pres. Biden is not "for genocide." I will not argue with you on this topic, nor do I discuss the Israel/Hamas war here.

But I will not tolerate accusations of "genocide" by Pres. Biden. He's not "pro genocide."

If that's a prob, it's on you.

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I think #filtering them could deny them the satisfaction of distracting you. More experienced #Mastodon users might could help. I don’t use #filters because I enjoy trolling them back. #Filter

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is there a way on #mastodon to block #retoots by a certain user? also is there a way to #filter out retoots of posts that were previously shown already in the timeline?

edit: i suck with tags...

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We have released OpenProject 13.2! 🚀🎉 With more frequent and smaller updates, we aim to bring you new improvements swiftly.

📁 #OneDrive/SharePoint integration with manually managed project folders
🔍 #Filter for roles, groups, and shares in the project members list
📊 Quick context menu in #Gantt view: Show relations added
🛠️ #Renamed fields and calculation of work and remaining work

... and more! Thanks to all sponsors, our Community and team!

Read more:

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A Practical Open Source Air Purifier - In the years since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s fair to say we’ve a... - #airpurifier #greenhacks #airfilter #filter

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»Offizieller Jugendschutz-Filter blockiert Aufklärungsseiten:
Deutschlands einziges offizielles -Programm für Internetseiten soll bedenkliche blockieren.
Von @BR24 & @netzpolitik_feed: Der Filter auch Aufklärungsangebote, sogar von öffentlichen Stellen.«

Auch deswegen bin ich gegen allgemeinen -, denn dies wird gerne zur Unterdrücken von Menschen missbraucht aber als und angepriesen wird.


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sind die intake filter kaputt?

#gvselipse #mask #filter

please boost, need an answer before going out today

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