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Something is happening :alfa: and the celebrity wall at the shop #CulverCity #weirdcarmastodon


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New at my Patreon... I sighted this rainbow in 2013 while I was on a tour of Sony Pictures Studios. But what is its connection to movie history?

Image of the week: Rainbow over LA

#LA #LosAngeles #USA #Rainbow #CulverCity

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Here at Culver City Art Walk and Roll Festival til 6pm. Come say hi!


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Last couple hours to come through the Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair - here til 6! And catch me next Saturday at the Culver City Art Walk & Roll. #community #festival #artists #makers #losangeles #manhattanbeach #culvercity #california


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Here at Ivy Station Night Market in Culver City til 10pm. Come through! #artists #makers #nightmarket #culvercity #losangeles #california


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Culver City in Los Angeles introduced a new bike lane that boosted cycling by 57%. Now it's being removed for cars.

"A project called Move Culver City was launched in November 2021 with the aim of encouraging biking and walking through the 1.3-mile downtown corridor in the Culver City area.

"The project claimed traffic lanes along the Washington and Culver Boulevard strips, creating bike and bus lanes in their stead, reducing the lanes for vehicle traffic to one in either direction. The project was met with mixed opinions over the last few years.

"And while a report released this month by Move Culver City boasted a 57 percent increasing in cycling along the Washington and Culver Boulevard corridor over pre-pandemic levels, the Culver City Council voted 3-2 earlier this week to end the program, remove the bike lanes, and return the corridor to two lanes of vehicular traffic in each direction 'wherever feasible.'"

#cycling #bicycle #bicycles #bike #bikes #politics #planning #urbanism #transport #LosAngeles #CulverCity #UrbanPlanning @fuck_cars @green @usa

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