danieldurrans, to croatia
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Each of these heart shaped post-it notes is a message of love: for a partner, child, friend, or parent. The Love Stories Museum in #Dubrovnik, #Croatia is a small quirky place hidden down an alley-way that is both inspirational and humbling. This is the first of two such rooms. #LoveIsLove

ponda, to Germany
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Seats for Pro-European (#EPP, S&D, Renew, #Green) vs Eurosceptic (ECR, ID, Left, others – mainly Fidesz and #AfD) by country, based on #exitpoll:

#Germany 68 vs 38
#Netherlands 21:10
#Austria 14:6
#Greece 11:10
#Cyprus 3:3
#Malta 6:0
#Bulgaria 13:4
#Croatia 11:1
#Poland 28:25
#Denmark 12:3
#France 38:43
#Spain 47:14
#Sweden 16:5
#Portugal 17:4
#Romania 27:6
Total 332:172

Please let me know if you spot a mistake or to clarify local politics.

#europeanelections #EU #Europe #elections #politics

petrnuska, to croatia
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Assistant professor in the field of Humanities, Science of art, Department of Musicology and ethnomusicology

@ Arts Academy in ()

Deadline: 04/07/2024


CC @academicjobs @ethnomusicology @musicology

br00t4c, to croatia
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Listen to this organ in Croatia that uses the sea to make hauntingly beautiful music

#architect #croatia


davidaugust, to infosec
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Books_of_Jeremiah, to croatia
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Discover the testimony of 19-year-old Ustaša, Joso Orešković, detailing his participation in the events at the Slana camp on Pag Island, during World War II.


lechat, to Bikepacking German
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Tag 6: Zagreb – Kozars­ka Dubica
133km, 233hm

Aus Zagreb wie­der raus­zu­fah­ren war bedeu­tend ein­fa­cher und ent­spann­ter als der Weg in die Stadt im gest­ri­gen Stoss­ver­kehr. Zuerst durch das Laby­rinth der Wohn­vier­tel, dann etwas, das mit sei­nen Glas­häu­sern und diver­sen Gewer­be­bau­ten an Sim­me­ring erin­nert und dann auf einem vor­bild­li­chen Rad­weg ins Umland. Ab hier ist es vor­bei mit der rad­fah­re­ri­schen Anar­chie, es kehrt wie­der geord­ne­tes Land­le­ben ein. Gemüt­lich schlän­gelt sich der Weg durch die von der Save geform­te Ebe­ne und nach­dem die kei­ne Sied­lungs­for­men vor­gibt, fin­den sich die Häu­ser ein­fach irgend­wo, d.h. meis­tens ent­lang der […]

Gudrun in #SlowenienUndKroatien2024 #Urlaub

More: https://le-chat-a-velo.at/2024/05/tag-6-zagreb-kozarska-dubica/

#Banija #Bikepacking #BosnaIHercegovina #BosniaAndHerzegovina #BosnienUndHerzegowina #Croatia #Dubica #Hrvatska #Intec #KozarskaDubica #Kroatien #Radreise #Reiserad #RepublikaSrpska #Šalata #Sava #Save #SisačkoMoslavačka #SisakMoslavina #Srpska #Una #Zagreb #ZagrebCounty #Zagrebačka

SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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bogo, to foss
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It was my first time attending and speaking at a State of the Map #sotm event. The spirit is amazing, and the knowledge I got - priceless. I felt the open source spirit. Something I can not tell for some #foss -branded events. Thank you, #Croatia and #Serbia #osm community.

bogo, to foss
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SocraticEthics, to Ukraine
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Setok, to Eurovision
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Oh, I just learnt that , the main sponsor of the , is from .

Look, the song was OK, if nothing special, but coming a tight second in the televote (only just losing to ), and gaining the number one vote in countries like Finland is just really suspect.

I don’t necessarily mean bot votes, though it wouldn’t surprise me, but at least an orchestrated pro-Israel campaign.

appassionato, to croatia
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bossito, to croatia Portuguese
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Honestly relieved that didn't win, that was not a song fit to win .

Congrats to and to for securing the victory of the televote.

While some privileged idiots were booing the country another hostage was killed by , if you want peace, ask it to whom can provide it. This war wouldn't exist if Hamas didn't chose to provoke it and continue it till today.


alchemistmuffin, to Eurovision
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Baby Lasagna - Rim Tim Tagi Dim

#Eurovision #Music #Croatia


elkarrde, to random
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Like last year, the Croatian song had the catchiest tune of them all. Let's see if that'll be enough!

rolle, to croatia
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Flop_Ysh, to Eurovision French
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I mean OK but that is quite a rip-off of many rock songs... Sounds like a parody And it's full power, no climax... Nay really not my thing

dirksteins, to croatia German
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Wenn man Rammstein bei Temu bestellt.

Magic_Cauldron, to croatia German
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So wie da mitgegrölt wird: Landet Baby Lasagna unter den ersten 3? Räumt vielleicht ganz ab? Was meint ihr? @esc

haploc, to croatia
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#Croatia hired Rammstein


Ash_Crow, to Eurovision French
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Norway: so we have dead trees.

Italy: hold my chianti.

#Eurovision #ESC

@Ash_Crow@mastodon.social avatar

Nice entry from .

guffo, to Eurovision
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Sigh. This is the thread then. Mute the hashtag.

@guffo@topspicy.social avatar

Eehhhhhhh #Eurovision #Croatia

dwarf, to Eurovision
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Oh man, Eurovision is a mess right now. What are they doing over there??? Are their bits flipped by the solar flares??

@dwarf@borg.social avatar

Good song from bitch lasagna

@dwarf@borg.social avatar

Hold on let me rephrase that. It's not good, but it's fun

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