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Alito's opinion in a 2022 Christian flag case lies in face of his recusal refusal

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49ers Could Take Load Off of Christian McCaffrey With 4-Time Pro Bowler


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Lions Urged to Consider Adding $141 Million Versatile Defensive Lineman


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A New Documentary Goes Behind the Scenes of Christian Nationalism

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49ers Proposed Move Would Replace Deebo Samuel With $64 Million Star


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Leaked slides show Christian nationalist lessons being pushed on Florida teachers: report

#christian #florida

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Though I'm a practicing #Christian I welcome any religious or non religious person who loves humanity and wants to do good for all of it. While my dad was very sick last week that he passed we welcomed people from protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu traditions to pray with us and they did.

Not out of desperation but out of solidarity in love.

We welcomed thoughts of atheists as well and were grateful for their solidarity in love for my dad. #religion

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There is no such thing as the Judeo-Christian tradition. It is a figment of the supersessionist imagination. It is a term meant to co-opt Jews and Jewish history into a narrative to give legitimacy to that narrative. It is a term that erases and . Everyone should stop using that term.

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▶ Christian Reporter Obliterates Tulsi Gabbard's Anti-War Scam With One Question

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Packers Crack Christian Watson's Injury Issues, Expect Breakout Year: Report

#aaronrodgers #christian

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▶ Christian Nationalists on Trump's Jewish Children

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Christian group launches petition against 'ugly' and 'divisive' Pride flags in London


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Do most Christians want to ban divorce, birth control and abortion or just the right-winged ones?

Edit video in thread that I made me question.

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It's worth remembering that Christians, the most GOP-leaning religion, are split almost exactly evenly down the middle between Democrats and Republicans. Every other religious group votes overwhelmingly for Democrats.

Democrats are the party of religious freedom and expression. Republicans are the party of lonely single men and abusive men who are on their 3rd or 4th wife and don't pay child support.

Legislating women's rights is an expression of GOP authoritarianism and misogyny.

#Religion #GOP #Democrats #Republicans #Christian

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2yrs AFTER an American flag was flown outside the VA home of Justice Samuel , another provocative symbol was displayed at his…house in NJ….the flag…like the inverted flag was carried by rioters [] at the… 2021 [].

Nonilex, avatar

AKA the , it dates back to the Revolutionary War, but largely fell into obscurity until recent yrs & is now a symbol of support for , for a strand of the “Stop the Steal” campaign & for a push to remake American govt in terms.

3 photos obtained by NYT, along w/accounts from…neighbors & passers-by, show that the flag was aloft at the home…in July & Sept of 2023. A Google street view image from late Aug also shows the flag.

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Sutton Stracke Poses For Rare Photo With Ex-Husband Christian at Daughter Porter's College Graduation

#christian #realhousewives

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