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Train heists of beer, recruited via Instagram. 😂

"An indictment ... accuses Jose Cesari as being the mastermind of what it describes as the “Beer Theft Enterprise” and says he recruited other participants in the brazen heists via Instagram posts.

In one post, the indictment says, Mr. Cesari wrote, “Need workers who want to make money.” The post had a “Yes” or “No” button, a moneybag emoji and a railroad track in the background, the indictment says. In another, the indictment says, he offered a “guarantee” that those he hired would “make 100k+ in a month” by following the “beer train method.”

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Under Biden, acc/to the FBI’s 2023 4th quarter crime report, from 2022 to 2023 went down 13%; went down 6%; went down 4%; went down 6%; went down 5%; went down 10%

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LOL, burglars are now using Wi-Fi jammers in Los Angeles to disable people's entire security setup. #wifi #jamming #burglary #crime #cybersecurity

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"Priceless" painting stolen by the mob found in St. George, Utah, 50 years later. 🤔 #mob #crime #burglary #fbi #Utah

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#DavidDePape #convicted of assaulting #PaulPelosi & attempted #kidnapping of NancyPelosi.

#DePape faces a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison for the #assault conviction & 20 years for the attempted kidnapping.
DePape will face another trial on state charges of attempted #murder, assault w/ a deadly weapon, elder #abuse, residential #burglary, false #imprisonment & threatening serious bodily harm to a public official. He has pleaded not guilty.

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ai6yr, to animals avatar

Interesting take on this article: "Mother bear and cubs captured, wanted for dozens of break-ins in South Lake Tahoe" #crime #delinquents #bear #animals #burglary

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