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Jinkx Monsoon says Little Shop of Horrors role 'affirming and wonderful' amid transition


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People are going absolutely wild for Eddie Redmayne in Cabaret: 'The hottest new show on Broadway'

#broadway #people

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The benefit concert (this Sunday!) my wife is organizing to benefit women is Live Streaming! (pls boost for reach)

Featuring (The Last of Us, Station 19) & (Glee, Waitress) for a night of pop and Broadway performances with , , , , , , , & special guest !

(does @lisamelton boost charities? 🤣)

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Eddie Redmayne Excels as the Emcee in a Boozy Broadway 'Cabaret'


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A Broadway Classic Has Learned Some Fresh Moves. We Talked to the Wizard Behind Them.

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Black in Style: Black Hollywood eased on down to Broadway for 'The Wiz' revival premiere

#broadway #thisweek

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This week on Memory Muses: Music photographer Ed Caraeff, writer Thornton Wilder, the musical Carousel, a word of the week and a poem, all in about 5 minutes.

You can listen to this week's episode by joining my Patreon at

But you can also subscribe to back episodes on your favorite pod apps for free!

#arts #almanac #history #jimihendrix #thorntonwilder #carousel #photography #literature #drama #broadway #musicaltheatre


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This line in "The Great Gatsby" (as Nick Carraway's riding the train from Long Island into New York City) is a transitional fossil record:

"My commutation ticket came back to me with a dark stain from his hand."

Because the modern verb "commuting" and nouns "commuter" and "commute"....

stem from names for multi-ride railroad/streetcar passes that truncated or "commuted" fare payments ("commute" here being the same verb we use in "commuted their original prison sentence").

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New blog post about "The Great Gatsby", Nick Carraway's struggle to love, multiple new stage adaptations, what's hard about porting a story to another medium, anti-racism tradeoffs, and @jacob being a patient friend

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And the evening show.

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Wayne Brady to star in The Wiz on Broadway: tickets, dates and more


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'The Wiz' is back on Broadway! Come for the nostalgia, fall for the new

#broadway #life

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Time for some on the current production of on Broadway with Aaron Tveit and Sutton Foster.

  1. This might have become my second favorite production of Sweeney Todd (first will always be Patti and Michael). But I get why some people are grumpy about it: it is capital C CAMPY. They emphasize and reveal comedic moments, which makes for a very different overall experience, coming off as far more unhinged, but also not quite the classic Greek chorus tragedy of fate most productions emphasize. But like...oh my gosh I loved the camp of it soooo much and it made for a unique production

  2. Yes, Aaron Tveits is incredibly hot and it finally makes sense why Mrs. Lovett would be obsessed with him. And Sutton Foster's Lovett is HORNY for him and commits to the camp 230%. But like, yes, I also would rub my feet on his chest and would feel hot and bothered watching him get aggressively murderous...this may have awakened something in me 😅

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Justin Peck on 'Illinoise,' Spielberg, Dance, and His Movie Directing Debut


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Yankees Urged to Move .423 Hitter Up the Order 'ASAP'


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The Picture of Dorian Gray's Kip Williams steps down as Sydney Theatre Company artistic director


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Tonight we caught the #Broadway revival of SPAMALOT in its final days after we pulled it in the cheap-seats lottery three times in one week. At that point one starts to feel a twinge of obligation.

I am left contemplating how the jokes from the aughts felt far more dated than the jokes from the seventies.

Well: because the older material is holy scripture, and it is an undeniable delight to see interpreted as a live show. Like a Christmas play.

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'Mother Play' starring Jessica Lange and Jim Parsons is the hottest, queerest new show on Broadway

#broadway #time

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Actor Louis Gossett Jr., Oscar and Emmy winner, has died at age 87, according to his family.

AP reports: "Gossett broke through on the small screen as Fiddler in the groundbreaking 1977 miniseries 'Roots,' which depicted the atrocities of slavery on TV." He was the first Black man to win the best supporting actor Oscar for "An Officer and a Gentleman."

#LouisGossettJr #Hollywood #Film #Actor #Broadway #Theater #BlackMastodon

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The latest Broadway production of “Merrily We Roll Along” is as good as everyone says. The main trio are terrific together, which makes the part where they aren’t that much more painful. The “Not a Day Goes By” reprise (preprise?) remains one of the biggest gut punches in musical theater history.

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Cabaret's Endurance Run: The Untold History

#broadway #history

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Coming to Broadway: 'Suffs' Explores the Struggle for Women's Equality--One That's Far From Over


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