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Spelled differently but sounds the same…
Sorry, BritBox, your brand has been shot to shit, courtesy of BrittBox.

Litzz11, to television
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American here. Can you get BritBox in Britain? Husband and I were just having this weird conversation and we wondered.

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  • HabsFan,
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    Start subscription; quality shows without ads (so-far) & a better streaming service.

    MargaretSefton, to television
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    A nice break from my labors, although it is hard for me to see Hugh Laurie as a bad guy. He will always be Bertie Wooster to me.


    deweyritten, to random

    The longer I watch ... at some point in the evening the self talk insude my own head starts to take on a british accent

    deweyritten, to GillianAnderson

    Gillian Anderson is a hauntingly good Miss Havisham!!!

    (Short video of Gillian Anderson in a dilapidated wedding gown clutching old letters and dead flowers staring into mirror then walking down stairs)


    Peternimmo, to android
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    Anyone using ? What's going on with the phone app? It's hit or miss whether it loads some programmes. It's been declining in quality for some months now. What's going on?

    Tuxramus, to random

    We're watching Mrs Brown's Boys Season 4 on Britbox. Finally a new season!!

    vlrny, to Netflix
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    So what are people bender watching these days?

    I am looking for slow compelling dramas that aren't dystopian. Pops of humour always welcome, as is utter bloody silliness.

    Pretty much any language as I use subtitles even in English.

    Have Netflix, Britbox, CBC Gem.

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    Do you get in ?


    @vlrny have you watched The Confession of Frannie Langton? A very good period drama, original short series adapted from the Sara Collins' novel

    developerjustin, to BBC
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    If you have or some other means of watching and English TV, I can’t recommend The Cleaner enough. wrote and stars as a crime scene killer and it’s just amazing. All of the humor from shows like and are full on and it’s just the best. Tons of fun cameos that you’ll recognize from his other shows https://youtu.be/xLT301f2ju4

    DemocracySpot, to random
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    ✂️ "Go to . And don't forget the bicycle pump!"

    Must Exit by November 3rd 2022. Oh noes!

    from @

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