pograneeu, to television Polish
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Takiej zapowiedzi chyba nikt nie przewidział 😅 Nowy Tomb Raider, ale...


dnddeutsch, to television German
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Season 3 kommt im Herbst


Die Animationserie läuft auf und . An einer vierten und fünften Staffel wird offenbar bereits gearbeitet

"While a third season has been publicly announced, SAG-AFTRA production listings also state that fourth and fifth seasons of The Legend of Vox Machina are in development"

maleandroids, to television
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requested by a friend to make this Amazon Prime promo image include an android 😏

ianRobinson, to fallout
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Full marks for Fallout from Lucy Mangan in The Guardian.

Fallout review – an absolute blast of a TV show.
This immaculately made, supremely witty post-apocalyptic drama is yet another brilliant video game adaptation. It’s funny, self-aware and tense – an astonishing balancing act.

Contains spoilers for episode 1.


ianRobinson, to fallout
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Spoiler-free review of Fallout in the FT. You'll need to log in with at least a free account to read it.

Fallout’s big leap from gaming to streaming: ‘Good storytelling is good storytelling’.

Jonathan Nolan, brother of Christopher, on why the end-of-the-world adaptation is the beginning of a new one.


#Fallout #AmazonPrime

Neuromancer, to fallout German
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Und um auf dem Stand der Dinge zu bleiben, habe ich Fallout angefangen.
Konnte mich mit den Spielen nie so richtig anfreunden. Postapokalypse ist zwar meist spannend. Aber diese Ästhetik der Fünfziger ist nicht meins. Egal, läuft.

emill1984, to fallout Polish
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Obejrzalem pierwszy odcinek #Fallout i narazie... mam mieszane odczucia
Wiecej na jego temat teraz powiedziec nie moge, dopiero jak obejrze calosc, po prostu narazie mam takie "gut feeling", ze cos mi tu nie gra i nie mowie tylko o ghulu, ktory wyglada jakby przeszedl przeszczep skory (byl na zwiastunie, wiec to nie spoiler)

#serial #AmazonPrime

tripplehelix, to television
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Just watched boy (2010) on . Best outro to a film I've seen in a long while. It's about a boy growing up in rural New Zealand during 1984, with no mother or father. Overall, quite a heavy story, very well told.

danimo, to fallout German
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Darf vermelden: habe mich nun wieder für 30 Probetage "Amazon Prime" zurückgemeldet. Wegen 💥

Als erstes gleich nen Werbespot reingedrückt bekommen. Standard Prime ist nun nicht mehr Werbefrei. Jungejunge.
Unwahrscheinlich, dass das länger als 30 Tage hält.
Aber seisdrum: Fallout scheint sehr nice zu sein.


@Sylviaborin@mastodon.social avatar


Werbung, Seiten und Filme werden in immer weitere paykanäle ausgelagert. Wir sind nach etlichen Jahren seit dem ersten raus.

#fallout #amazonprime

tripplehelix, to television
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WOW, puts adverts in the middle of films, even if you've paid for their service...

dentangle, to television
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Amazon Prime now putting ads in the middle of shows.

Subscription cancelled.


BeAware, to fallout
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Oh, boy!

For those gamers out there that are fans of the Fallout franchise but was always hesitant to try Fallout 76 because of the bad reviews at launch....if it's not yet, it will be FREE to claim sometime this month for Amazon Prime members!

I know a LOT of you have Prime subs. May as well get some free games and give it a try! It's really fun multiplayer shenanigans, but if you'd rather a more story-focused game, there's LOTS of quests, not to mention the new Atlantic City update!!

What are you waiting for?!? Claim that game and rise to fame! Hope to see you in Appalachia!!

deep, to Amazon
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osobiście uważam, że dostarczanie paczek przez Amazon w opcji Amazon Prime za darmo, gdzie zamawiasz bateryjki za 15 zł, jakieś pierdoły po kilka złotych i każda rzecz jest nie tyle dzielona na osobne paczki, co nawet osobne firmy kurierskie / spedycyjne jest zbrodnią przeciwko tej planecie. Całość dostarczana za darmo.

Nie bójmy się tego powiedzieć: jest to zbrodnia i powinno być zakazane, albo przynajmniej jak w wielu firmach opcja do odznaczenia, że nie zależy mi na pilnej dostawie i zamówienie może być skompletowane i wysłane 1 paczką.

#amazon #amazonPrime #spedycja

MibIH, to movies
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stefan, to NWSL
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I switched from FF to chrome and now it looks fine. Also wild because if I paused on FF it would go crystal clear for a moment and then go super blurry again.

stefan, to television
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I almost can't see the ball amazon prime live video is so blurry.

stefan, to NWSL
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The quality of this stream is still ASS

stefan, to NWSL
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Is this pre-game skit by the announcers is WILD.

angelus_04, to random
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tired of missing game giveaways I just found this site called http://www.gamerpower.com which will track all of the major gaming stores and keep you up to date so you never miss one

Linux, to Netflix
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The Rise of Web Series: Revolutionizing Entertainment 🎥🌐

In recent years, web series have taken the entertainment industry by storm, captivating audiences and challenging traditional television's dominance. With the rise of streaming platforms and changing viewer preferences, web series have emerged as a powerful force in the digital age. 📈...

The Rise of Web Series: Revolutionizing Entertainment
ai6yr, to Blizzard

Hmm, your Amazon Prime delivery might be late.

tuneintodetuned, to DisneyPlus Spanish
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La nueva suscripción anual de son 120€ mensuales, y viendo el presupuesto anual que me fijaba para cuando aun podía gastar algo (menos de 100€ al año) no me imagino gastando la cantidad que piden y menos aun por series y películas de . Súmale a eso que para poder rebuscar y ver lo que pueda interesar lo habitual es suscribirse también a , y/o . El coste es desproporcionado y, a menudo en comparación con el consumo real, un despiste.

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