tansy, to ai
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Is anyone collecting examples of #AIMusic? Because here is a particularly pernicious one.

This appeared in my YouTube suggestions as a song from Lana Del Rey's hotly anticipated Lasso album. But ut it's AI music, backed up with dozens of bot comments saying it's great.

It's not great. The voice, lyrics, melody and production are a horrible empty imitation of LDR as is the album 'photo'. It's a glimpse into how meaningless collective culture could become.


#AI #Music

TheMetalDog, to ArtificialIntelligence
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TheMetalDog, to ai
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Apple Introduces Logic Pro 2 With New AI Features
To go along with the new iPad Pro models that were introduced today, Apple debuted updated versions of both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. The updated...


#AIStudioAssistant #AIMusic #AI #SessionPlayer #HomeStudio

bornach, to ai
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[Cold Fusion] on the real threat that AI poses to human music makers

#AI #music #Suno #Udio #NickBeato

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And released within hours of each other comes Adam Neely on how hard it will be for to pass a Direction Test
It is almost like these two coordinated their releases yet they never acknowledge each other's existence

KatherinesBrain, to jpmusic

Time for another ! Today we have a quiet piece called . It's a short but beautiful driven that made me cry. I hope you enjoy it.


echevarian, to generativeAI
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ulaulaman, to jazz
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Ho provato #Suno app online che permette di generare musica. Dopo un primo esperimento (che non ho ancora pubblicato) gli ho dato in pasto una delle mie #poesie (pubblicate in Calabria nel 1992). Questo il risultato


#aimusic #jazz

Neolyum, to ai German
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Ich hab mir jetzt mal die Music generation von und angeschaut, und "Überraschung": klingt gar nicht mal so gut. Und damit meine ich sowohl die Tonqualität als auch Musikalisch.
Die Musik selbst ist super Standard und weist wenig Kreativität auf, und vor allem spüre ich, dass die AI nicht wirklich Ahnung von dem hat, was sie tut - ständig plärrt irgendein Instrument oder ne Stimme an einer vollkommen unpassenden Stelle herein und das Metrum stimmt auch eher selten. 🧵 ->

KatherinesBrain, to jpmusic
KatherinesBrain, to music

The Queen has decided that you have pleased her. BEEZ FOR EVERYONE! BEEZ I TELL YOU!

My songs doing really well thanks everyone for giving it a listen!


KatherinesBrain, to Sleeping

“I rise up, I reach high, I won't let my dreams die!”

“I may stumble, I may fall, but I won't stay on the ground!”

#nevergiveup #dreams #hope #music #sunoai #riseup #aimusic #resilience #bravery #humble


marcuwekling, to random German
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Also selbst die K.I. (unser zukünftiger Overlord) scheint kein Volker Wissing-Fan zu sein. Jedenfalls habe ich sie gebeten, einen kritischen Song über ihn zu machen … und sie hat sich wirklich Mühe gegeben, finde ich. Wie so oft bei aktuellem K.I.-Kram bin ich gleichermaßen fasziniert und geschockt. QualityLand wird so krass schnell real, dass ich mir nicht mal sicher bin, ob ich es schaffe, den dritten Teil zu schreiben, bevor die K.I. es tut.

#WissingMussWeg #QualityLand #AIMusic


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shanesemler, to art
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#Art and #music make life worth living. Too bad it's being taken away. However, this all started long before AI. #Copyright, then #DRM, now #streaming only. Defunding #libraries. Paper #books will be next. #AiMusic #AiGenerated #capitalism

Spackles, to ai

If you saw the example footage of #Sora recently and thought, "Pfft, it's just #AIvideo garbage. Can't do sound, narration, and all the other stuff you need, so there!"

You can do all of that, VERY easily now. 15 minutes and I was able to get #aimusic from Google music labs. The narration is my voice reading a script #GPT4 made for me and then Speech2Speech being used on #ElevenLabs to get some star power.

Folks, give me two hours and I could get you a 10 minute doc.

#ai #generativeart #tech

OpenAI's example footage showing fake historical footage of a California gold rush village. Audio has been added with a twangy guitar in the background and a Southern sounding narrator.

david, to ai

Hello, Friend!

Hey, my Boles.ai website is now live!

It's a start -- with a lot of interesting things to come!

If I'm missing something, let me know!

#AI #AIvoice #AIart #AImusic #BolesAI #Tech #Website


TheMetalDog, to ArtificialIntelligence
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Ozzy Osbourne is Open For Anything Regarding AI in Music
Just don't hold your breath for an AI Randy Rhoads. The post Ozzy Osbourne is Open For Anything&#


MrMeritology, to random

Listening to Greatest Hits of Earth Wind and Fire. I'm pretty sure that such music is beyond the reach of capabilities.

AI can't produce the humanity in the musical performances, arrangement, and composition, IMO. AI music versions will always sound like cartoons.

bornach, to ai
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Cleo Abram on the debate over as artist's tool vs AI as the artist, and the complexities of ensuring that artists get paid for their work

Onemeatball, to aiart

#AIArt #AIMusic
So are you all hip to CHIRP the new Artificial Intelligence Music Machine from #Suno?

It writes "music" in any genre. And astonishingly it sings it too. It will use your own lyrics or, if you prefer, ChatGPT or a combination of the two.

And while its at it, it will create an #AIArt image based on the lyrics.

Here's an introductory example. The lyrics are mine, but everything else is AI.


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