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My, perhaps #controversial, #hottake is that I prefer idly browsing #4chan now to #Reddit. For as crude as it is, 4chan is at least human in a way that Reddit just isn't anymore. 4chan is vulgar and crass but vibrant. Reddit is full of people that appear to just #seethe online all day, regardless of their political leanings. Eternally hurling insults from afar for the approval of fellow defeated seethers and bots.

Anyway, join a #KBin/#MBin/#Lemmy instance. I suggest

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The best part of the NYC-Dublin 'portal' was the endless memes

#4chan #nyc

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People focused on their own individualism shouldn't get involved in #opensource projects. Why? EGO! When you care more about your credits than the evolution of the project, there's a big problem.

Similarly, when you reject a review or an idea that's better than yours coming from a minority group (e.g., #trans people), being clearly transphobic and taking the discussion of an issue to #4chan, we have a problem. ++

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Some people developed their intrawebz social skills on versus , and it shows

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4chan daily challenge sparked deluge of explicit AI Taylor Swift images

#4chan #ai

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Fake and Explicit Images of Taylor Swift Started on 4chan, Study Says - The people on 4chan who created the images of Ms. Swift thought of it as a sort of game, ... - #rumorsandmisinformation #graphikatechnologiesinc #artificialintelligence #swifttaylor #socialmedia #openailabs #4chan

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Dark Corners of the Web Offer a Glimpse at A.I.’s Nefarious Future - In the hands of anonymous internet users, A.I. tools can create waves of harassing and ra... - #centerforcounteringdigitalhate #rumorsandmisinformation #artificialintelligence #cyberharassment #socialmedia #4chan

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Dark Corners of the Web Offer a Glimpse at A.I.’s Nefarious Future - In the hands of anonymous internet users, A.I. tools can create waves of harassing and ra... - #centerforcounteringdigitalhate #rumorsandmisinformation #artificialintelligence #cyberharassment #socialmedia #4chan

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Wise words and friendly advice from 4chan.

#4chan #wisewords #wisdom

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Look I truly don’t care what happens to #twitter now. It’s #4chan at this point. Feel free to stay, but it’s a Nazi clubhouse and you gotta make your peace with that.

But please stop repeating Elon’s DAU/MAU and new user signup numbers as if they’re verified facts. He’s a pathological liar with a vested interest in creating the perception of a healthy and growing platform. Nobody who still works at Twitter is in a position to correct that data and Elon has zero problems lying and letting the government come after him.

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quote from /g/ that i love:

Stock traders should be cut off from technology more advanced than clocks and stock tickertape. Genetic cul-de-sacs that can't rationalize human emotions other than FOMO shouldn't have access to this much unregulated dopamine.

#4chan #g #stockmarket #dopamine

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People act like 4chan and /pol/ has no good content. And then there's this.

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#AI #GenerativeAI #GeneratedImages #4chan #ContentModeration: "4chan users are coordinating a posting campaign where they use Bing’s AI text-to-image generator to create racist images that they can then post across the internet. The news shows how users are able to manipulate free to access, easy to use AI tools to quickly flood the internet with racist garbage, even when those tools are allegedly strictly moderated.

“We’re making propaganda for fun. Join us, it’s comfy,” the 4chan thread instructs. “MAKE, EDIT, SHARE.”

A visual guide hosted on Imgur that’s linked in that post instructs users to use AI image generators, edit them to add captions that make them seem like political campaigns, and post them to social media sites, specifically Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram. 404 Media has also seen these images shared on a TikTok account that has since been removed."

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Murder Suspect Calling Himself 'Laseranon' Charged With Threatening Anti-Nazi Sheriff


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I feel like my entire generation has mental issues from growing up w #4chan as a parent

I mean there was some really cool #cybersecurity #infosec #tech stuff on there, interspersed with beheadings n shit

I am suddenly remembering telling a guy to put a grenade he found somewhere up his butthole

Not sure if I am #autistic bc of the #internet or if I was before

LMK, #mastodon ?

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@simsus alles außer kollektive Verweigerung und #Verbot wäre ein #Downgrade der Forschungsqualität und damit #Enshittification!

Weil dann kann man gleich #4chan-#Shitposts umformulieren...

Eigentlich ist das sogar ne Beleidigung gegenüber #Shitposter|n wie @lowqualityfacts weil #ChatGPT ist weder kreaktiv noch sonstwas und anders als #WolframAlpha taugt es nichtmals als wissenschaftlicher Taschenrechner mit Grafikausgabe...

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Menschen, die Straftaten im Netz begehen, müssen bestraft werden. Und was passiert danach?

Das neue Projekt STOP HATE führt psychosoziale Trainings mit Täter*innen von Hasskriminalität im Netz durch. Sie sollen die Tragweite ihrer Taten erkennen und nicht wieder straffällig werden. Wir unterstützen das! Mehr Infos hier:


@catflyhigh @hateaid letztere sind duchaus auch sehr.gut organisiert.

Siehe #KiwiFarms...

Quasi das was passiert wenn Fans von #StochastischemTerrorismus die von #4chan, #8kun, #MumsNet & diversen #Incel-Foren gebannt wurden sich an einem Ort sammeln...

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The crybabies who freak out about The Communist Manifesto appearing on university curriculum clearly never read it - chapter one is basically a long hymn to capitalism's flexibility and inventiveness, its ability to change form and adapt itself to everything the world throws at it and come out on top:


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If "open" was a way to transform "free software" from an ethical proposition to an efficient methodology for developing high-quality software; then "open AI" is a way to transform "open source" into a rent-extracting black box.

Some "open AI" has slipped out of the corporate silo. Meta's #LLaMa was leaked by early testers, republished on #4chan, and is now in the wild.


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It's kinda hilarious seeing how different people present the same information



@freemo #4chan users wouldn't even post a picture this childish lol

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