livus, to asklemmy in What some Lemmy communities that are dead or very low number of new posts that you would like to get more active?
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Hey, neat! Thank you! It's an "imagination engine" - the original mod @Arotrios wrote a detailed description here.

I never really fully got my head around it but it seems to be a combination of art, poetry, music, cinema, mythology, etc and a lot of the posts in it bounce off other posts in it.

I don't think Lemmy uses hashtags but it still gives you an idea:

The timeless allure of ruins (article) (

One remarkable ancient artefact, a Babylonian world map from the Sixth Century BCE, marks the beginning of this obsession. The map, inscribed on a clay tablet, shows how ancient people imagined the quadrants of the earth: it describes lands of serpents, dragons, and scorpion-men, the far northern regions “where the sun is...

Psychedelic Furs - Love My Way (Live, Pasadena 1983) (

The Psychedelic Furs recorded this strangely mesmerizing  live version of Love My Way at Perkins Palace in Pasadena, US in 1983, for a tv music programme. It has a slower tempo than the album version from Forever Now (1982), yet the timing is very even and Richard Butler is pitch perfect....

Manos: The Hands of Fate (Harold Warren, 1966) (

@Arotrios seems to be on a break, so for the time being, "I am Torgo - I take care of the place while the Master is away". Widely regarded as a strong contender for the worst feature film of all time, Manos: The Hands of Fate is a film about a family who take a wrong turn and end up in the sinister domain of the Master, his...

Imaginary museums: What mainstream museums can learn from them? Rachel Morris. (

The world is full of museums that don’t exist fully in three dimensions – museums described in words or drawn on paper; museum catalogues; museums on the web. There are also many museums that are the creation of artists, novelists and poets, and so have a strong thread of imagination running through them. The latter cast an...

Rock n Roll Suicide - David Bowie, 1990 (live in Tokyo) (

The original appeared on the 1972 The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars. The 1990 tour was the last time Bowie performed this song, and it has a poignant energy. See also the live performance in 1973, where Bowie announced this was the last song they would ever do (retiring the Ziggy character)....

Alice (Jan Švankmajer, 1988). Original Czech language version with English subtitles, remastered (

Alice (Neco z Alensky) was Czech surrealist animator Jan Švankmajer's first full-length feature film, and combines stop-motion animation with live action. In some ways it's a very loose adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland but in another sense it's very faithful, as it allows us to experience anew the initial...

caribouslim, to 13thFloor

No one will believe this, but that's ok. We'll couch it in a what if to make it easier to digest.

What if, when you brought your creative will to bear, the energy that drove you to create was bound in your creation? A piece of your soul woven into reality. What would that look like from the other side of veil?

What if I spoke to someone from the other side last night, and they said that these creations are alive? That they ripple like firefish on the surface of an obsidian pond, the poetry swimming with the music, slipping through art and magick in fractal schools of imagination, the brilliance of math waltzing with philosophy, storytelling a prophecy of infinite possibility.

What if they sang that the Akashic record is a living ecosystem of imagination when seen from the in-between? And that the most curious thing is that even as we create it, it creates us - our dreams brush it as we drift in sleep, our desire is born within it, and we ourselves are the result of the creative spark in our parents eyes (or thighs, as it may be)....?

And what if this is why the fractal elves (themselves woven of this weave) laugh at us when we cross the boundary - just as we laugh at NPCs and characters like Deadpool who break the 4th wall?


Nanabush, to 13thFloor

Seeing as all the other gods get to tell their stories on the @13thFloor, here's the Adventures of Me, as told
by Sam Snake, Chief Elijah Yellowhead, Alder York, David Simcoe and Annie King

#folklore #books #mythology #storytelling #objibway !13thFloor

caribouslim, to 13thFloor

Strong cast today - TL;DR: Today is a good day to do good.

Here's our breakdown:

Present: 10S
Challenge: Priestess Reversed
Past: Queen of Swords Reversed
Future: Page of Cups
Below: Knight of Coins
Advice: Devil Reversed
External Influences: Knight of Wands
Hopes and Fears: 2W Reversed
Outcome: Strength

Starting with the 10 of swords, that's a card of the final triumph of battle, as well as it's cost. It's challenged by a reversed Priestess, rejecting spirit in favor of conspiracies and manipulation. In the past, the Queen of Swords (remember her from yesterday?) is still drunken and reversed, but the Page of Cups is upright, and leading us into a future of new loves and infatuations.

Above, the six of swords looks towards the recovery from battle, helping the wounded, and looking towards a new view of the world. Below, the Knight of Pentacles and Coins is saving for a rainy day, building basis of new inventions (the two cards can be very positive together, especially for those you help).

To make things weird, however, the Devil is drunk, upside down, and sitting in the Advice spot. I'm gonna let readers interpret that as they may, but in my view this is advice about how to deal with the Devil rather than a suggestion that we listen to him whilst intoxicated.

External influences show the Knight of Wands leading the viewer to become a catalyst of change, joining the positive forces of the 6 of swords and Knight of Coins. Hopes and fears are the 2 of wands reversed, indicating worry about misleading folks in a rush to complete your goals.

But should you persevere, you end up with Strength, upright and powerful, as the Outcome. As I said above, this is a good day to do good.

@13thFloor #13thFloor #DailyTarot

Present: 10S Challenge: Priestess Reversed Past: Queen of Swords Reversed Future: Page of Cups Above:6S Below: Knight of Coins Advice: Devil Reversed External Influences: Knight of Wands Hopes and Fears: 2W Reversed Outcome: Strength

caribouslim, to 13thFloor

Today's spread is an interesting one. We've got the Moon above, casting forth creativity and magick, drawing us towards the 8 of pentacles in the future indicating that indulging the Moon's inspiration will lead to a greater mastery of skill. The outcome, however, is the 7 of pentacles reversed, so it's likely to be a gateway into melancholic spaces in reflection.

What led to this? Given that the past (Queen of Swords) degrades into a present of 5 of swords reversed, it indicates that the thrill of that powerful position has led to ego-driven small minded conflicts, challenged by a reversed Page of cups trying to get all dreamy and inspirational.

This is driven by a reversed Tower below, indicating the collapse in the Queen's authority is part of and driving a larger transition. A rather snarky reversed 2 of pentacles suggests a close weighing of the pros and cons of the ego driven actions of that flipped 5 of swords in the present, if one wants to reach the calm of the Hierophant in Hopes and Fears.

All this conflict is driving away external support, indicated by the reversed 5 of cups in external influences.

Overall read? The moon is drawing us up and away from the collapse of the Tower and the Queen of Swords' reign, led by a drunken Page of Cups to find a power deeper than mortal concerns about power and ego (looking for that Hierophant). The Moon won't be denied, even though the path it illuminates is dark, and it leads to a point of self-reflection that may be darker than one would like.

That being said, the 8 of pentacles in the future position indicates the ancillary benefits of this reflection will be substantial. If you're an artist and ready to face your darker side (and the results of your actions in the past), it looks like this may be the right time to do so - the process will have an significant benefit to your skills.

Finally, try to be gentler in your interactions today, especially with fools who seem to be talking out their asses - that's likely the Page of Cups trying to sober up.

@13thFloor #13thFloor #DailyTarot

caribouslim, to 13thFloor

A spread to wake up the sunrise.

Looks like the upside down Sun below us is giving rise to some good outcomes in the minor arcana, with the 8 of Pentacles / Coins Above (goal), 10 of Wands in the future, and 6 of Cups as the outcome. Some Major action with the Lovers in Hopes and Fears, Temperance as the challenge (one I fail waaaaay too often), and as mentioned, an angry drunken reversed Sun below. Other challenges include a reversed Empress in external influences, and the 3 of swords (thankfully) in the past. Luckily we've got the 6 of wands in the present, nice space to be in coming into Monday morning.

However the real weirdness of this spread is the reversed Wheel of Fortune in Advice. This would indicate to me that gremlins are afoot, the table is rigged, and your BG3 game is gonna be plagued with critical fumbles. However, if you know the tables are turned against you, and an angry Empress is looking your way, best to rely on hard work and not fate today, pick up those 10 wands and work towards that 6 of cups, cause with a six pack, everyone gets a toast, and that card loves to make things win / win.



Ryntastic, to random avatar

"Burning Man has countercultural roots and, once upon a time, it was a celebration of creativity and a counterpoint to mindless consumerism. Over the past few years, however, it has become massively commodified and started attracting some of the worst people on earth. Nowadays, it is an excuse for influencers and Silicon Valley types to take a bunch of drugs and party in the desert while pretending they are doing something meaningful that elevates the world’s consciousness. Burning Man is supposed to be about “radical self-reliance” and yet a number of attendees appear to be flown in on private jets and shacked up in luxury accommodation with air conditioning. I don’t care how exotic the drugs or how interesting the art is: once people such as Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk show up to your party, there is no longer anything countercultural about it. You are not rebelling against the man. You are the man."

Arotrios avatar

As someone who watched the Burning Man scene begin, evolve, and become what it is today, it was clear from near 2000 on that it was destined to become a parody of itself.

Plus, as someone who has spent their life working to encourage creativity and preserve it, something about Burning Man always struck me as deeply wrong on a spiritual level. I think of all of the wonderful artworks that could be adorning our streets and walls that are nothing now but ash on the playa and it honestly makes me want to smack my head into the wall. I get the point of sacrifice, of creating art for art's sake, and respect the mythos of the Wicker Man, but shit has gotten too far out of hand.

If you really want to be revolutionary, bring your art back to your neighborhood. Live it every day, not just during summer vacation. Put it out there for free if you want to flip off capitalism, but don't destroy it. That which inspires you to create is holy and a part of your soul, and it's result deserves much better than the flames.

@Ryntastic Sorry for hijacking a month-old comment of yours, but it inspired me to speak out, and I've been holding my tongue about the BM scene for a long time.

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