Unless the plane has <30 seats I’m taking being weighed as I board as a huge red flag.


Airplane fuel efficiency is impacted by how much weight is onboard, and that includes fuel weight.

The more they know about the actual weight of each trip, the more fuel efficient they can make each trip.

HOWEVER, even though this is well intentioned, it’s not hard to see American carriers would love this be standardized. They would definitely leverage it to further increase their revenues. Which they will then reinvest in…checks notes…stock buybacks.

PolandIsAStateOfMind, avatar

The more they know about the actual weight of each trip, the more fuel efficient they can make each trip.

This is very unconvincing from people who also did this.


This a smaller regional carrier based out of Finland, not a massive global carrier.


I think OP might have been saying if there’s more than 30 people it should all average out anyway.

Crackhappy, avatar

Why? This will make air travel a little bit safer.

thebardingreen, avatar

Coming soon to Spirit/Frontier flights near you.


if you take up two seats you pay for two seats


If this was a progressive weight charge, I’d be all for it. For example if you are 2x the mean weight for an adult, then you pay 4x the cost, whereas if you are 2 standard deviations lighter you’d only pay 1/4th the cost I’d be all for it. But that isn’t what they are planning on doing with this. It’s just a way to charge more for worse service.

acosmichippo, avatar

then they get 4x the space on the plane, right?


The majority of costs to the airline are in taxes, airport fees, and lease costs of the plane. I think you’ll be surprised to find out that fuel consumption is a very minor part of the ticket cost. You must also consider that the increased fuel consumption of +50kg of extra cargo to a system that is 100+ tons to begin with is going to be a bit negligible.

Sure you could have a progressive weight charge. But it’s gonna be more like $1 for someone who is twice your weight. Not twice the ticket price.


No fatties!

wesker, avatar

Americans will call this a hate crime.


Rent free, baby😎

wesker, avatar

It’d be uncivilized to charge rent, when their insulin costs so much.

Cylusthevirus avatar

Murica bad.

wesker, avatar

No, America fat. Highest average daily caloric intake in the world, only second to Ireland. Nearly 12% of the population has diabetes. Heart disease runs rampant. It’s a problem, and the denial is such a disservice, as well as the push for “size acceptance” and accomodation. The general normalization of obesity in America is astonishing.

Cylusthevirus avatar

Excuse me, I stand corrected.

Murica v. bad, Ireland worse.

wesker, avatar

Ireland needs to get their shit together, too.


This is the ramblings of a terminally online, never left their own country and maybe not even the city of their birth smooth brain genius.

wesker, avatar

I am terminally online, but I do travel quite a bit. I recommend it, it puts things into perspective. America fat as hell.


American here. 100% agree. We do be fat. Also, travel more is good advice

SaltySalamander avatar

If you weren't terminally online yourself, and actually mingled with society a bit, you'd see that they are 100% correct (assuming you're American). America is fat, and denying that fact won't make it go away.

ininewcrow, (edited ) avatar

Excuse me sir but you’re above the weight limit … you may either pay an adjusted fee … or we amputate two limbs

American rubbing his chin: …mmmmmm … I don’t know … hmmmm?

Obi, avatar

Free and instant weight loss, can’t complain.


How much extra do they charge for the amputations?


I mean Finland has universal healthcare right? Probably cheaper to go for the amputations, if so.


Or I was thinking about if it was in America


Only costs you an arm and a leg.


What, a FREE AMPUTATION!?!? That’d be seven digits normally!

ininewcrow, avatar

six digits if you have shitty health insurance … five digits if we get a really good vet … four digits if we do it right here


The article says it’s voluntary


It’s tricky, right? It’s hard as hell not to eat when you’re hungry, but if you’re objectively bigger and harder to move it’s a lot to ask of everyone else to pay the difference.

I don’t really buy that it’s hate just to point out that a bariatric person is different, and in a usually-bad way. On the other hand, there’s a ~100% chance some of the people that used to be on r/fatpeoplehate are now very fat.

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