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Nuclear fission, all types of renewable energy and soon-to-be nuclear fusion are meant to complement each other, not for one to totally overtake the rest


OK - let’s ignore the shitshow of responding to OP’s hot take.

What kind of research is this particular reactor going to do?


renewables are the only way

Nuclear fusion is renewable energy though

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There’s a difference between what works best now to meet our energy needs (renewables) and the furthering of the science behind nuclear technology. We can do both.


The current energy consumption of the planet is 113,000Twh (according to Wikipedia). Since every single Joule of renewable energy is some derivative of solar energy (solar, wind, tide, hydro, but not geo I suppose) the maximum energy we can derive from renewables is 765,000Twh.

The problem with that, is if we start to consume 10’s of percent of the total solar radiation through “renewables” that would otherwise go into generating weather and other natural events, well I’m sure you can see the potential problems.

So, we have to get away from carbon intensive electricity generation, but we can’t physically rely solely on renewables. Therefore we need fission/fusion.

There’s obviously the case of our current economic system causing us to overuse energy in the name of profit (oil is so important because it makes energy cheap and thus easier to make profits), and a change in production/consumption/distribution priorities would likely cause huge decreases in energy needs globally. But we can only really consider energy needs based on what we know.

Whoops, I forgot the “achtually”.

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Waste of money, which is a finite resource.

You are calling a self sustaining energy technology a waste of money, which is inherently a made up resource. Go be a downer somewhere else.


This is a 100%+ efficiency reactor with the capacity to basically make itself run all on its own with automation. How many electrical generators can run on their own 24/7?


Morpheus, holding up a AA: “7 billion”


I’ve seen enough anime to know that turning on the experimental fusion reactor in some Japanese prefecture is an event that doesn’t end well.


The comment by op kind of feels weird…

But. More options are always good, and this provides more options, with the added benefit of creating helium (which is a limited resource, and gets mainly harvested when mining fossil fuels at the moment).

So this actually helps solve more than 1 problem, if they can get it to work


this lemmy gets it


I downvotes solely for OP’s comment. Nuclear energy has its place, if magically we had enough solar and wind farms constructed and even the grid built that connects the whole world, all of it magically just appearing. We will still not be able to retire fossil fuel power generation immidiately because we don’t have a storage technology that scales well enough atm and renewable can’t cover baseload as they can’t generate 24x7 output.


Money is neither finite nor a resource



(It’s made up, can be changed, value is what is agreed upon)


Not without consequences (inflation, etc)


You’re not even citing the right reactor. LLNL did that experiment, this reactor in Japan is to try to scale it.

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All renewable energy comes from the sun, which is a giant fusion reactor. Seems like it might be a good idea to study and understand the concept.


If it’s not geothermal or nuclear, that energy probably came from the sun one way or another.


it’s so expensive though


So is solar and wind. Compared to fossil fuels that is. But it is worth it all the same.


It’s not like we are about to run out of it.

Money is essentially time and that is finite but money allows to composite time by combining the time of many into one single task.

Scientific endeavour is of the few meritous causes where money should never be an issue.

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The benefits of nuclear fusion could eventually power the world for everyone for free with no greenhouse gasses. Of course RnD is expensive, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it


In order to get the energy output of a fusion reactor with renewables you would have to have millions and millions of solar panels you don’t think that’s expensive?


It also will take up a ridiculous amount of space.


Is it though? 560Mil is like 5 F35 jets

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We gave away for more than that on covid scams. That we will never recover. Collect the correct amount of tax from a few companies/individuals and we could build 10 of these.


Yeah, fusion is about the longest lasting power source in the entire universe. It quite literally is what the entire universe runs on. Without fusion, there would have been no stars. The universe would be dead.


You’re kind of a lame dude. Piss off.


Fusion is the first step to a post scarcity world. All the new technology, products, agriculture methods, ect. that would be made possible with abundant, clean energy would completely transform the world. I doubt solar and wind could ever provide enough to make those advances.


Scarcity isn't a supply issue, it's a utilization issue. They way most economies work, resources are not created if they can't provide maximum financial return.

The first step to a post-scarcity world is changing that mindset.


That’s a much taller order than you make it sound. It’d probably be easier to figure out fusion.

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That's not how it works. Then you might have figured out basically unlimited clean energy. But it will still not be provided to everyone who needs it but only to the selct group that pays the most to have that advantage over the rest.


The things most worth doing are rarely the easiest.

If you actually want to accomplish something sometimes you have to tackle difficult problems.


This response has nothing in terms of actual value, but Checks all the motivational speaker boxes. It's not reality you struggle with, it's your mindest, bro!


Renewables are the only way.

You're right! We should power everything by burning charcoal.

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Hey! It’s Green Charcoal buddy, none of that regular polluting stuff.


Is this the clean coal Trump promised?


Primitive Technology guy is more important than ever.


Some downvotes I saw, I am not sure if people can tell sarcasm.


I wasn't being sarcastic at all. OP wants renewables, and charcoal is renewable.


Well call me a dumbasses for thinking that was sarcasm. Charcoal is not renewable bro. Wtf.


It absolutely is. Charcoal comes from wood. You can plant more trees. Renewable.


Right and we already have amazing track record on reforestation, and our rainforest are healthier than ever.

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