KMT presidential candidate Hou Yu-ih said on Saturday that a vote for the DPP was equivalent to “sending everyone out to the battlefield” because supporting Taiwan independence would touch off a war.

What’s happening in Taiwan? Why did a presidential candidate said something like this? In another country, a presidential candidate telling people to not supporting their own country’s sovereignty would be a political suicide.


Believe it or not, a lot of younger Taiwanese people want to rejoin the mainland. Not exactly a majority yet, but it’s getting pretty close.


Foreign influence operations exist because they work.


That’s a dogwater (approaching racist) argument and you know it.


I’m not parent poster, but I didn’t read that at all. International propaganda works, and has the potential to destroy democracy in America (and lots of other countries, too.)

What am I missing?

Omega_Haxors, (edited )

They’re implying that the people who live there can’t make a decision for themselves, in other words a white guy overseas with zero stake in the matters thinks they know more about the reality than the people who actually live there, which is a very disrespectful prospective.

The racism comes from the long history of white people doing this to peoples who choose for themselves in ways that they don’t agree with. It’s never that they chose for themselves but always that someone else (usually malicious) came in and made the decision for them.


Wouldnt the foreign influencer in the context of this comment tree be china though?


Yeah but there’s no doubt in my mind they were running the “vassal state chooses to align with enemy state” script.




What is your source for this ? Recent polls show reunification support is still <2%, with about 6% open to reunification eventually but not now.

In 2018, before the crackdown in HK, the reunification support was 3%, with 13% open to it eventually - the events in HK have definitely significantly eroded support for reunification in Taiwan.

I have family in Taiwan and literally don’t know a single Taiwanese person that wants reunification with the PRC.


Taiwan knows they will lose

There are people who would rather just join CCP so they don’t die


Because things aren’t black and white and reality is all sorts of shades of gray. Most Taiwanese don’t care one way or the other, they just want to live in peace. You constantly see this in the polls and the votes. If the Taiwanese people’s priority was independence, then the vote wouldn’t be so split. This is the reason the DPP hasn’t declared independence, it’s simply not what most Taiwanese people want.

Surprisingly, most Taiwanese are interested in their own well being. This is why the KMT won so many seats last election. This is why Tsai is stepping down. When they threaten Taiwanese people’s well being, shockingly the Taiwanese vote against them. Again, they neither want independence nor submission to China.

Thus, we see the votes EXACTLY AS WE WOULD EXPECT CONSIDERING THE SITUATION. They keep splitting the parties so neither side can make a declaration one way or the other.

As an outside observer, I ask one simple question. Why is it so hard for you to realize that what I said is the truth and not what western media parrots. Why do you believe the black and white issues that your propaganda keeps claiming even in the face of irrefutable evidence.


As an outside observer, I ask one simple question. Why is it so hard for you to realize that what I said is the truth and not what western media parrots. Why do you believe the black and white issues that your propaganda keeps claiming even in the face of irrefutable evidence.

Hmm, did you reply to the wrong comment? Anyway, I’m not aware of current political situation in Taiwan and was really surprised by that presidential candidate’s statement. Are you telling me that this is considered a normal statement for political opposition on Taiwan?

Joncash2, (edited )

Yes, it is. It’s been like this for decades now. So the fact that it’s surprising and used in a way to shock western audiences tells you a lot does it not?

*Edit: Mind you, I’m not for Taiwan being absorbed into China nor am I strong on Taiwan’s independence. I just want to point out the way western propaganda works to manipulate people.

*Edit 2: Essentially, if the KMT has been talking like that for decades and the Taiwanese still vote for them in large enough numbers to win them most of the seats last election, what does that tell you about the Taiwanese people’s desire for independence? How does the media report on that? Why are these two pieces of information so conflicting.


“Look at Ukraine when you vote, do you want to end like them ?”

queermunist, avatar

Hong Kong is fine 🙄


“Hong Kong is fine” says the white western woman, between sips of kombucha. She clicks the “buy now” button on Amazon… this “eat the rich” bumper sticker will look great on her Yaris.

queermunist, avatar

That booch shit is gross dude 😒


It’s a damn shame that so many right-wingers have flooded Lenny over the last year.


Typical leftists, editing the “my” out of Lemmy.


Nah it’s just a few shit instances that are the problem. Lemmy World and Feddit De immediately come to mind as other shit instances that never have anything to say. Last update added instance blocking for posts but IMO there needs to be a blocklist for commenters too.


It’s not that bad


It tastes good, just don’t smell it.


petition to rename you guys sh.itholefor.nazis


Yo we’re still alive


What does mainland Taiwan think of all this?


"Oh, bother.", Xi


The fundamental problem in Taiwanese democracy is if the opposition wins one election, they merge with the mainland - it means the ruling party can do whatever they want and still get votes.


Or maybe Taiwan needs a better opposition.


Better opposition would split the vote and give the pro-mainland party a win


I doubt the US would allow a merger. TSMC is too important to fall into CCP’s hands. Not to mention the amount of US ordnances that stored in Taiwan.


Shockingly, the US would not be given a say and would be left to react. Which means the entire thing becomes a blood bath if the US doesn't prevent it prior.


The US wields immense geopolitical power; of course they get a say. That’s not to say that it could prevent an annexation if the CCP wanted it badly enough, but Washington has no shortage of levers to pull to make it as unattractive an option as possible.

CleoTheWizard, avatar

Are we going to sit here pretending that the US doesn’t interfere in their elections orrrrr?


And yet another unsubstantiated claim, hmmmm.

CleoTheWizard, avatar

It’s absolutely unsubstantiated. I’m just aware that the US does that quite a lot, especially to proxies such as Taiwan. They’re a strategic trading partner. So I’d be surprised if the US wasn’t involved in getting that party elected somehow.


Doubles down upon unsubstantiated claim when called out.
Such an easy script to follow.

CleoTheWizard, avatar

Zero reason to be toxic about the comment I made.

Edit: Your post history is the toxic waste suspected, it’s clear a bunch of people think you’re unreasonable.


Whines and claims to have been attacked and makes another unsubstantiated claim to back up the pretense.
Keep on following it. Surely some folk have not caught on yet!

Are you going to take part of a comment out of context and act all offended next ?


Fuck the CCP

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