Last year an Indian state shifted to gender-neutral uniforms (shirts and three-fourths / full trousers). Surprisingly, there was not much opposition. I know Japan is more traditional in these things, but it might be one of those cases where people expect a lot of pushback but no one really cares that much.


Honestly the fact that this is even a controversial issue is fucking dumb. Setting aside the whole problem of not letting people wear whatever they want, Japan can get fucking cold.


What’s wrong with uniforms?

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Girls have to wear skirts no matter the weather, including on cold days, abs are not allowed to wear tights. Japanese schools often are not geared other than a large space heater in the front of the room, so girls can spend their entire day cold. Meanwhile boys can be completely covered up and warm.


I don’t agree with that, but that’s not uniforms it’s double standards


Good. In my wife's day, she had to wear skirts even in awful weather (she grew up in an area in northern Tohoku where they got enough snow to have heated streets in some places) and had to change before entering school or risk getting in trouble. She wasn't allowed to wear tights or leggings under her skirt. Now, at least from the couple of younger people I've seen and talked to, around here some (all?) school at least let all students wear slacks these days. There's definitely pressure that some young women feel to wear skirts even if they don't want to (not just based on gender identity, but pressure to fit in with the group, etc.) but that's probably another topic.

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