Good riddance to rotten garbage!


Denazification is going well.


Man, I can’t help myself comparing this to the opening of The Dark Knight Rises (that one guy injected Dr. Pavel’s blood/DNA, and then sacrifices himself).


putin is still at large. Any chance we can you know 😜…tall building? Maybe 🤔 special taco sauce in his milk tonight? Or an ice bullet? You know, anything would be acceptable. Like if you just accidentally run him over with your Ford Fiesta and then a steam roller just happened to finish the job, that would still be pretty acceptable.


Based on witness testimony, when he arrived to wreckage, found people were moving bodies from wreckage, sounds like someone wanted visual confirmation.


At the same time, Grey Zone reported that a second business jet owned by Prigozhin had landed safely in the Moscow region.

Perhaps not gone.

However from memory they shot down some air force stuff on their way up during the mini mutiny, so I could see the Russian Air Force having it out for him.


I can’t help but think his death was staged as a putinite psyop.


People seem awfully quick to accept the narrative - it seems to me this would be the easiest way for him to disappear on his own terms.


Either way, he is gone.


How is a plane crash the “easiest way”? And why on earth would Putin do him the favor of providing a new identity? What does Putin gain from that?


no remain identifiable, etc. Putin doesn’t gain anything, but the dude presumably knows he was on the kill list so disappearing would be in his interest


I think the key thing is that there isn’t really a compelling reason why Russia would want to take his death. And if prigozhin has actually just faked his death to go retire on an island somewhere, the result for the rest of the world is practically the same


Until he gets pulled out of retirement for one final stand. This is like the type of shit you’d see in a movie, it practically writes itself. Reality is stranger than fiction lol

I still think he’s dead for real though.


Russia could have reason to fake his death, but that would be only to facilitate them killing him in a more gruesome way.


Putin wanting him dead isn’t a good enough reason? Putin has done everything so far for ego alone.

pH3ra, avatar

Best reply ever


What a disappointing guy. The least he could have done was take out Putin before he died.


Watch him showing up at Kremlin proclaiming himself Peter the Great reborn.

Awoo, (edited )

If Putin dies you’re not getting someone nicer, you’re getting someone significantly worse. Of the United Russia party he’s pretty much a moderate force within the party compared to the alternatives. And there isn’t any other party that would magically assume power if he died.


Nah, he’s just another Russia’s tzar, this time under a different name, but still tzar. And when he dies, shit is gonna go down in Russia. And I personally can’t wait to watch it. No one is replacing Putin for quite some time after he’s done. Maybe on paper, but in reality Russia will be all kinds of fucked. Have I mentioned already that I’m looking forward to it?

jackmarxist, avatar

I Wish the CPRF was based and epic


We all do, there’s definitely a faction within it that’s pretty good but the top is dogshit. They wouldn’t win if Putin was killed though, political assassinations tend to boost support for the parties that receive them, only really worthwhile when it would hurt a party organisationally such as small parties where one person can be very critical. But that’s not happening with any massive party.


What if they did take over would you move to Russia and live in the communist “paradise?”


The USSR wasn’t a paradise (communism isn’t magic) but it was better than anything in Russia before or since. It’s not like turning to capitalism in the 90s made the country a utopia.


So yes?


I mean, he did try a coup that failed miserably because he had no support. Even if he would have want to try to kill Putin, there’s no reason to believe he was capable of it


Do I have to point out that this title is misleading? Don’t get me wrong, I’d be glad if it were true… one less child killer roaming the world but if you read the article it hasn’t been confirmed by western sources he was on that plane.

EuthanatosMurderhobo, avatar

LOL’d. And these people look at the rest of the world and say: “Brainwashed.”.


it hasn’t been confirmed by western sources



The current article title now:

Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin presumed dead after Russia plane crash


it hasn’t been confirmed by western sources

“I only believe news if it’s made by white people and owned by a white billionaire”


Racist much?


yeah wtf standard is that


It’s not a racism thing. It’s an “I don’t trust the fucking kremlin” thing. Russian state media does not have a good track record of reporting the facts fully and honestly–for a long time, not just the last year and a half.


Neither does any media lmao.


Ah yeah the guy who opposed Putin

Yeah surprise he’s dead

Utter_Karate, avatar

I’m gonna sound like a fringe conspiracy theorist here, but you guys, What if this was no random accident? What if someone intentionally made the plane crash? But who? And why?


Nonsense. The plane obviously accidentally collided with a surface-to-air missile that was randomly flying at the aircraft’s vicinity. Nothing to see here, move on.


Must have been the wind.


Somebody left the window open, plane fell out.


It was shot down by Russian air defense.

Kuori, avatar

that’s the joke


No… it can’t be…


Never discount that a deal was reached and this was their way or his way of going in retirement with a new identity - faked death.


or putin could just kill him which would be a safer move on putins part


What about the others on the plane, crisis actors?


collateral damage.


What’s in it for Putin? Why would he be giving favors like that to someone who turned his troops against Moscow? He made Putin look like a fool.

So, why would he be giving him favors?


i thought a similar thing but it looks like they’re also cracking down on people sympathetic to Wagner


The simplest explanation is usually the right one though.

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