The most dangerous leader of the Mocro Maffia escapes from Spain after a judicial lack of coordination Spanish

Karim Bouyakhrichan, the most wanted man in the Netherlands, was arrested in January by the National Police and was provisionally released.

Karim Bouyakhrichan, leader of one of the families of the dangerous Mocro Maffia of Dutch origin, the man most wanted by the Dutch authorities, has escaped from Justice and has fled from Spain.

Arrested last January in one of the most important operations of the National Police, he was provisionally released, and after an extradition order and a court summons, he has not appeared in court. The National Court has already issued an international search and arrest warrant.

His arrest occurred, specifically, on January 24, in an operation that had been in progress for five years. The agents, after five years of a long investigation that dismantled the structure of their clan, based on the Costa del Sol. The magnitude of that operation lies in the fact that up to 172 real estate properties were intervened for an approximate value of 50 million euros with which This organization allegedly laundered its money in Marbella and its surroundings.

Bouyakhrichan was arrested and imprisoned by order of the head of the Investigative Court No. 4 of Marbella for his participation in this criminal network. Before that judicial instance, his lawyer requested provisional release, which was opposed by the Anti-Drug Prosecutor's Office. The lawyer of the Dutch mafia leader alleged roots in the Bouyakhrichan peninsula. The Provincial Court of Malaga, despite recognizing the risk of escape, decided to release him.

On February 22, a month after the UDEF operation that led to his arrest, he was released provisionally after paying bail of 50,000 euros and under the conditions of surrendering his passport and appearing every 15 days before the nearest court. This is confirmed to EL ESPAÑOL by police sources familiar with this surprising and controversial release.

50,000 euros, sources specializing in the matter tell EL ESPAÑOL, is pocket change for a guy like Bouyakhrichan. At the same time that this was happening in Marbella, the Dutch authorities, who had celebrated the arrest of this dangerous individual like no other, were submitting the pertinent extradition order through the National Court so that he could be delivered to them so that they could try him for the charges. crimes that he had pending in his country.

It was Ismael Moreno, the head of the Central Court of Instruction No. 2 of the National Court, who initiated the process. When he took it, he encountered opposition from the Provincial Court of Malaga, because the macro-operation in which he had been arrested meant that he had pending cases in Spain, so it could not yet be carried out.

The Netherlands, police sources point out, insisted on the risk of flight and the danger of leaving such an individual free. They then filed an extension of the extradition order before the National Court, and the dangerous boss was summoned to be notified of his extradition. He never appeared in court and has not been heard from since: he has fled.

Now, as Cadena Ser has advanced and this newspaper has confirmed, the head of the Court of Instruction No. 2 of the National Court, Ismael Moreno, has issued a search order against him.

Arrested in January

His arrest was the result of the most important investigation so far against the most dangerous criminal organization in the Netherlands. Karim Bouyakhrichan's organization was dedicated to large-scale international trafficking of narcotic substances, specifically the introduction of large quantities of cocaine into our country as well as money laundering. To do this, they used a solid personal, maritime and commercial infrastructure with a presence mainly in Malaga, Barcelona, ​​Melilla or Marbella as well as abroad.

According to the investigators from the UDEF (Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit) who led the operation, in January the most wanted and dangerous criminal of the Dutch mafia was captured. Historical drug trafficker from the Costa del Sol, he has been involved in numerous police investigations and for years acted as a connection point in Spain with various international criminal organizations involved in international cocaine trafficking.

This allowed him to accumulate a large amount of income and properties that now, thanks to investigators, have been able to be intervened during the operation. In total, 75,000 euros in cash, jewelry worth approximately 10,000 euros, as well as two firearms were seized.

172 real estate properties worth approximately 50 million euros were also blocked, as well as nearly three million euros in the balances of the 148 bank accounts. This huge number of homes were acquired by his organization to hide in them the money they were amassing over the years.

During the investigation, it was possible to verify the existence of a complex company based in Morocco, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and Spain. The criminal organization used intermediary merchants, as well as the "Hawalla" methodology and the use of front men to launder significant amounts of money with which they subsequently acquired movable and immovable property.

Over the last few years, three large organizations have dominated the world of organized crime in Europe: the Albanian mafia, the Balkan cartel and the Mocro Maffia, a dangerous clan whose members are mostly second-generation Moroccans who have frightened the Netherlands and spread their tentacles across the continent. Karim Bouyakhrichan, one of the Mocro Maffia bosses, was the most wanted and dangerous criminal of all, according to UDEF investigators.

Bouyakhrichan heads one of the two main families of the Mocro Maffia. For years it has confronted the other large Dutch group, the one led by Ridouan Taghi, who had threatened Princess Amalia of the Netherlands, the president of the country and who even killed an investigative journalist who had dared to delve into the criminal activities of these organizations. It was that rival family that killed his brother Samir in 2014, in Benahavís (Málaga), starting an endless sequence of settling scores on the Costa del Sol.

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I hope someone gets fired over this. This is such a stupid and easily avoidable mistake to make.

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Firing doesn't exist in public service. Suspension of job and payment does, but only under circumstances specified in the law, which is not the case.


Oh well, I guess there’s nothing we can do

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