Israeli settlers storm West Bank village, setting cars and homes ablaze

It’s estimated that between 1,000 and 1,200 settlers surrounded the village, and around 500 stormed it just after midday local time on Friday, blocking all the roads in the area.

According to Abu-Alia [head of the village council], the Israeli military arrived at the scene at around 3 p.m. local time, but did not stop the settlers from attacking the village. Instead, Israeli soldiers allowed them to raid homes, prevented Palestinian residents from moving around and blocked ambulances from reaching the injured, he alleged.

Israeli security forces had informed Palestinian officials that the settlers were looking for an Israeli teenager who had gone missing earlier in the day.

jeena, avatar

Hey now that’s antisemitic


The whole Region has just been a cycle of terrorism lately

BeautifulMind, avatar

I wonder why we can’t just decode the term ‘settler’ for what it is:

“terrorist”, but with state aegis and pliant media cooking up anodyne narrative cover


Israel clearly chose the Policy Card that gives Settler units an Attack value of 5.


Are current combats causing civ 6 developers to consider new content? Find out how one conflict could cause the civilization of Israel have settlers buffed in the information era to pillage tiles, tonight, on Sick Sad World! 😈


Thats one entitlement program that can definitely go


Couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that they found that teenaged Israeli lad dead, could it?


Oh they found him dead, and was there a speedy trial of the entire village in absentia that afternoon? Dark parallels to mass lynching of black people in the Jim Crow south.


Did the whole town kill the kid? Then maybe you could word that differently.


I know right? Only a few months ago, a teenager from down the street was found dead, so we went to the neighborhood over and burned it to the ground, killing every man woman and child, and the cops came and just kind of watched. now we sit around drinking coors light and and talking about how cool its going to be to go to hevean where the coors light never gets cold


Yeah…because the West Bank is just like your community’s next “neighborhood over,” right? I provided context not included in the title. Just because you can’t handle the truth doesn’t mean you won’t hear it.


ya, fuck those sub human savages! they are all the same! they are all in kahoots/s.


Quo vadis Israel? Like what the actual fuck?

GrymEdm, (edited )

It’s especially sickening that the IDF not only just let’s this happen, but participates/helps it along. If it was just a civilian mob that would be bad enough, but official support makes it functionally official policy. Breaking the Silence, a site that collects testimonials from IDF vets about what really happens in OPT, has one testimony that says, “The mission there is not to maintain order; the mission there is to enforce Jewish supremacy in the city of Hebron. It’s not that we soldiers are between a hammer and an anvil, [but rather] we are the hammer being hurled at the Palestinians by the settlers.”


It’s a yearly tradition.


Children of god…children of Chaos more likely.


I mean, just take a look at the god they are the children of. Not surprising at all, really.


And they wonder what sparked attacks from Iran, why people in Jordan keep trying to burn down their embassy. Israel as a whole needs to oust Netanyahu or else they will deserve what is coming to them.


Who’s to say he doesn’t have support? I’m genuinely not sure he can be removed.


He’s already demonstrated very clearly that he cannot be peacefully removed, he went to trial for corruption starting in 2016 and decided he was immune in 2020-2021.

Protest by Israelites are not uncommon by any means. Israel markets it’s ability to control narratives online to other countries, but news of dissent has still spread far and wide. Here is an image of Israelites holding up signs comparing Netanyahu to Pablo Escobar

Even some of the Irsaeli military officials are distraught over the situation

Anat Arbel, a reservist in the Israeli army who holds the rank of major, came down hard on Netanyahu.

“This government is fighting us,” he said.

Many blame the current government admin for refusing to reach a ceasefire or hostage negotiation for the 129 known hostages, and 12 hostages have been killed in Isreali Strikes. I say all of this because there is some, however small, opposition in Israel and there is a potential future where Israelites take back control of this situation and walk away minimally scathed.


Gaza should announce they plan to launch air strikes and demand that israelli civilians move to southern israel, where they also plan to bomb. If assholes are going to murder you anyway, at least remind them they’re assholes.


All the people daring the MSM to call them “terrorists”…

Maybe we should just remind the public how bad the word “settler” is: These are state-armed violent militias whose explicit goal is to displace the indigenous occupants of foreign territories.

Terrorists at least tend to emerge in response to (real or perceived) political disposession. That is not the case here. The settlers are the most privileged class in Israel, rewarded for breaking international law.

And we should probably also remember that oppressors always have legitimate grievances to cite when you question what they’re doing. Nobody ever says “We’re invading this land cuz we want it” in the moment.


“Colonists” might be a good term for them as well.

FenrirIII, avatar

Why not Invaders? It’s not their land.

Duamerthrax, (edited )

Sure, but Colonists brings up a lot of negative history nowadays. Without a doubt, “Settlers” was their chosen term in an effort to control the language used to describe them.



They aren’t just in a colony, they are actively engaged in colonizing and trying to take more land through violence.


How about inmates? Let’s use that term. And make sure its accurate.


Colonists has more of a controlling government connotation to it. The people stay, but are subservient to the rulers.

This is genocide to completely replace the original inhabitants.


Wait, there are people upset they didn’t go to terrorists? Well, of course there are, but I was shocked a CNN article even used settler, for the points you made. It specifically invokes taking from the people there to benefit themselves, which I didn’t expect CNN of all places to do.


State sponsored terrorists? It’s not like blowing up cars and burning homes bring a calm mind to the people’s who own the cars and houses…


Genocide Joe supports this


It makes almost zero sense to call him genocide joe on its own, but in this case it’s obvious there is no thought behind it at all and this has just become the knee jerk response any time Israelis do anything.


It makes almost zero sense to call him genocide joe on its own

He’s the president and has been an avid zionist his entire career. He refuses to stop giving israel weapons and money, so he is Genocide Joe


You’re avoiding the actual point to parrot your same talking point. It makes you look like a bad faith actor.


You’re avoiding the actual point

That the man with the power to stop a genocide chooses not to? You’re avoiding that point. Genocide Joe is not a knee jerk response, it’s the only reasonable response, and will be his legacy whether you like the name or not.


Genocide Joe is not a knee jerk response,

By no stretch of the imagination can Biden be held responsible for perpetuating these attacks, or that these attacks even be a part of youre genocide, yet you still parroted it. Im not sure I could come up with a better example of a knee-jerk response.

How I feel about his legacy has absolutely zero bearing on how no thought went into you parroting your taking points.


By no stretch of the imagination can Biden be held responsible for perpetuating these attacks, or that these attacks even be a part of youre genocide, yet you still parroted it

He is directly responsible because he approves funding and weapons that enable the genocide.

Where did I parrot it from? I literally made it up.


Are you claiming you coined “genocide joe?” lol


Yes, I haven’t heard that used. Where have you seen it?

FenrirIII, avatar

It’s more attacks from shills and foreign powers who want Trump to win.


Well, that and the fact that it’s true.


I want Jill Stein to win, and this election the two parties are historically weak.


I want Jill Stein to win. Also to be able to sleep at night knowing I did not consent to genocide.


You’re consenting with all 3 choices, that’s the fun part

Join a radical militia if you actually give a fuck


Not true, I’m expressing democracy by voting for a candidate that has decent polices.


You’re being a useful idiot without a long term plan.


Its the opposite, nice projection. You’re a useful idiot for capitalist Dems and have no plan to change that because you consent to it.



Missed the actual solution beyond pissing your vote away and enabling outright fascists, huh?


pissing your vote away

That’s what you do when you vote for someone you disagree with.

enabling outright fascists

That’s you.



FenrirIII, avatar

Jill Stein has as much a chance of being president as Tommy Wiseau does of winning an Oscar


Trump, however, lost by as little as 50k votes last time, because the electoral college is something we need in 2024


I’m expressing democracy by voting for a candidate that has decent polices.


What’s Trump’s stance on Israel?


Almost as bad as Genocide Joe’s. I’m voting for Jill Stein with everyone else with morals.


Trump critized Joe Biden fpr npt doing enough for Israel. He wants more genocide.


So does Genocide Joe


Biden critized the Biden admin for being to lenient on the palestinians? Biden critized by for calling for a ceasefire? News to me


He wants more genocide.


You know what this sounds like? Anyone ever heard of the Tulsa massacre?

Waiting outside the prison just foaming at the mouth at the chance to kill those they think of as lesser. Those that can be easily blamed for any and all issues.

I am so fucking done with humanity.


finally a actually good source and not the ever-same aljazeera propaganda

thank you, OP


This year I learned that Israelis are inhumane genocidal monsters and should be treated as such.


The settlers, yes. Generic Israelis, no. The settlers have all but shed their “innocent civilian” status. But there are legitimately a lot of innocent civilians still that are not the enemy.

The IDF and settlers are absolutely genocidal monsters that should be treated as terrorists and dealt with accordingly though, I totally agree.


Okay, now bring up stats for what percentage of Israelis support zionism.


not all israeli?


Let’s see how many good apples are speaking out against the bad ones


Generic Israelis are largely in full support of this. The settler terror has been going on for decades. It was continued by every Israeli government. It doesn’t matter if Likud and other fascists, or centre or centre-left. Every Israeli government in the past 30 years was voted to continue this.

The Israeli people as a whole bear full responsibility for this. As is always pointed out, Israel is “the only democracy in the Middle East”. If that is true, then the majority of voting aged Israeli citizens is fully responsible for the settler terrorism.

Only those that speak out against it showed that they do not want to be complicit in this. And these are the Israeli people belittled, systematically silenced and accused of being “antisemitic” in western countries. They deserve our full support and highest respect.


Generalisations are dangerous.


So is genocide.


Generalizations are what leads to genocide.


No one is arguing otherwise but enjoy pummeling that strawman


the genocide of calling a genocide, a genocide?


What the actual fuck?


oh, ya just got an editorial note that I’m not to use the words “genocide” “ethnic cleansing” and “occupied territory” in relation to a certain state in the Middle East


I hope you’ve enjoyed talking to yourself






dosn’t change the wooosh

FenrirIII, avatar

Not all of them, but the IDF and government are abominable.

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