Republicans to meet allies of Hungary’s Viktor Orbán on ending Ukraine aid

Allies of Hungary’s far-right prime minister Viktor Orbán will hold a closed-door meeting with Republicans in Washington to push for an end to US military support for Ukraine, the Guardian has learned.

Members of the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs and staff from the Hungarian embassy in Washington will on Monday begin a two-day event hosted by the conservative Heritage Foundation thinktank.

The first day includes panel speeches about the Ukraine war as well as topics such as Transatlantic Culture Wars. It is expected to feature guests including Magor Ernyei, the international director of the Centre for Fundamental Rights, the institute that organized CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) Hungary. Kelley Currie, a former ambassador under then president Donald Trump, said she was invited “but declined”.


Why the closed doors? To quote their own rhetoric, if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear. Oh right, he’s probably bringing receipts from their boss, Putin.


Who would have ever imagined the US appearing as a pro-Russian country by the Republicans? It truly is jaw dropping.


That’s what tribalism gets us.

Republicans don’t even need a reason to oppose something if the democrats support it.

veganpizza69, avatar

And what do you advise?


Everyone should be independent.

Voting for a party should be seen as a bad thing, due to history.

veganpizza69, avatar


In the US, “independents” are a type of embarrassed Republicans.

If you just mean that electoralism is bad, start with that.


In the US, “independents” are a type of embarrassed Republicans.

The tribalism is strong with you.

veganpizza69, avatar

It’s sad if you think that proves your point.


hmm… there is very little statistical differentiation between “independent” and republican, in political science we call this “they are the same thing”.

ever heard of “looks like a duck, walks like a duck, talks like a duck”? tho not to lump ducks in with republicans.


You’re a shining example of why reasoning with tribalists is a waste of time and effort.

Thank you for proving my points.


I think you miss the point with the problem of tribalism entirely, and are just repeating a buzzword you heard.

Technically, it is Tribalism is if you call out someone for being racist, is it bad to call out racist behavior? tho, it isn’t tribalism to point out that two things are fundamentally the same thing, like how Megablocks is just off brand Lego


Okay. Grasp at whatever straws you need.


to quote, yourself

“thank you for proving my point”


I rest my case.


how exactly do you rest something that never existed in the first place?


It’s really quite silly how you’re wearing the clown makeup and acting like the anyone who points it out are the real clowns


Don’t bother engaging with them. They aren’t going to change their mind. That’s the downside with Lemmy. There are so few users that these obstinate trolls don’t get buried. Engaging with them just makes their bad takes and bad faith bs take up more space in a thread.

It’s possible they are a real person who’s been banned from most other platforms for spreading their bile and have settled here because the low engagement means their troll bait gets picked up, or they are a non US citizen trying to astroturf US political shit.


I would agree with the sentiment but there is value in counteracting the pile on effect of the trolls by adding additional voices of reason.


I would go a step farther and say remove the letter next to people’s names all the way down to the local election. Want to vote? Well now you need to do enough research to figure out what the people believe in.


What a ridiculous nothing. Removing a piece of information doesn’t make anyone more informed.

Source: Information theory


Aleksandr Dugin.


Ronald Regan is turning over in his grave so fast that you could power a small city. That is if Republicans cared at all about renewables… which they don’t.




But weren’t the republicans the ones that loved funding the military complex?


Republicans say a lot when the day is long, but how is funding the MIC compatible with lower taxes?


That’s what confuses me and makes me think any opposition to Ukrainian aid is just posturing for their base.

They’ll fall in line when it matters.


maybe if you’re not the one in power you don’t get a taste


They all need to register as foreign agents now, right? Right??


God, imagine thinking everyone who disagreed with sending unlimited resources to a war that could be lost is a traitor.

Rationality is lost on us thanks to tribalism.

dezmd, avatar



I remember this one, it’s a rerun from the America First movement, right?

well they were literal Nazis back then, so not much changed


Well considering about a half dozen Republicans from the previous president’s inner circle were convicted of felonies for working on behalf of foreign governments, is it really that outlandish of a claim to make just a few years later?


Yes. There are more than 6 republicans.


Really? I had no idea.


I can tell.


Republicans 🤝🏽 Putin

random_character_a, avatar

Russians play the long game.

Republicans used to be their main political opponent in the world. Although cold war ended and relations changes, it doesn’t mean that behind all those smiles their end strategy has changed.

They probably collected every “pee tape” there is and pushed every corruption dollar there was to push to make republicans their bitch. Because thats what they do.

FuglyDuck, avatar

Although cold war ended

I’m convinced it didn’t really end. maybe on paper it did, but we seem to be right back to where we were before.

Epilektoi_Hoplitai, avatar

The brutal reality is that Putin’s Russia embodies everything the Trump Republicans dream of for America: a boundlessly corrupt, white supremacist, ethnonationalist fascist state whose oligarchs possess limitless power so long as they obey The President.

They call themselves the “party of Reagan”, while they trip over themselves to sell the geopolitical future of Europe down the river to Moscow…


New insult my Turkish friend just taught me, Orlando is a watermelon seller!

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