As an American: I’m sorry we’ve unleashed this upon you, rest of the world :(




After raising prices and doing away with all the good deals in their app (and adding an arbitration clause to it’s tos)… I certainly don’t eat there as much anymore. I’d be surprised if this expansion is sustainable.


What I don’t get is McDonald’s, really? Of all of the fast food chains McDonald’s is the worst: quality, taste, appearance, everything. They’re the worst burger fast food chain out there, how are we not seeing this growth with the better options? I’m just a bit confused lol


They still have dollar drinks?

kautau, (edited )

Having had to pinch pennies to eat between paychecks recently, McDonald’s, while trash food, let me get a 1000 calorie meal for a little over 6 dollars through their app deals. Every other fast food chain app was basically selling me the window prices, which have significantly gone up. I think this has changed now, and they’ve gotten rid of those deals, but that was the reason for me at the time

Halcyon, avatar

I’ll never understand how people over the age of 20 seriously can eat at McDonald’s/Burger King/KFC.

I liked it too when I was 15 but once I realised how overpriced and underquality it is, I stopped that completely. Only if it really really is the last and only option to get something to eat I would spend any money there.


I hate fast food and burgers but I kinda like McDonalds. I mean I go there every other year but I kinda like it. It’s the only place I like the fries from, I like the hamburger/cheeseburger, the patties in general, I like the big mac l, the ketchup, the sauces. I also only like their chicken nuggets, I hate chicken nuggets otherwise.

That being said, McDonalds’s quality is vastly different around the world. I’ll never forget the half burnt half frozen patty of the hamburger at the Denver airport. And in general how gross McDonalds was in the USA. In Germany I kind of like it. In Russia it was different but also ok, with some items being tastier and others super gross.


Hmm. The McDonalds in my town had a small fire in the kitchen in 2020. It has been surrounded by “Reopening soon” signs since then. Color me sceptical.


That’s 7 new locations per day for 4 years straight. Mind boggling… I wonder what the internal org chart for building this out looks like


That sounds… impossible?


In the future, all restaurants are Taco Bell. Didn’t McDonalds see the movie Demolition Man? We need to freeze Sylvester Stallone already so we can thaw him out.


So anyone want to explain to me how those 3 sea shells work already?

Ghostalmedia, avatar

Is Wesley Snipes going to owe taxes for all those years he’s on ice?


No clue how people are so fond of McDonalds, there are literally so many other fast food choices that are superior in every way


Literally, as opposed to figuratively many other choices?


I don’t understand what you mean, sorry


Literally is now officially a contranym. And has been for many years. Although, unless you are approaching at least 200 years old, it’s been effectively a contranym your whole life. So if we are being pedantic, your quip has long since been outdated.


Literally is literally the correct word here.

There are not “figuratively more choices” since there actually are many more choices.


Literally is the obsolete word here.


Obsolete? No

Unnecessary? Yes

dylanTheDeveloper, avatar

Because in alot of areas it’s the ONLY fast food restaurant

shinratdr, avatar

This is just categorically untrue. People go to McDonalds because they want to, even if they may not want to admit it.

A McDonalds franchise is, by far, one of the most expensive franchises to own and operate. They have strict rules on where you are allowed to open one and startup costs are in the millions, most are owned by investment groups and people who own multiple franchises.

If you have a McDonald’s, you have a market. So you most certainly also have a Subway, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, etc. Some of those franchises literally just plant themselves wherever a McDonalds is placed because it’s cheaper to do that then it is to do the market research yourself.

Frostbeard, (edited )

You are very US centric. In my town there are one McD, one BK and one SubWay waay outside the downtown area. That is for a Norwegian town that has roughly 50k ppl in its “Metropolitan” area. I take the train home and besides some Sushi places (decent) and Kebab joints (awefull) I can choose BK or McD if I just walk in of the street toward the station

shinratdr, avatar

Obviously this won’t be 100% in every area in the world, but even in your own example you listed another cheaper franchise right nearby, therefore it is not the only option.

I haven’t been everywhere but I live in Canada and I’ve been to the US, UK and Southeast Asia and in all of those places this is true. There are towns that will literally just have a Subway or similar cheap franchise, but places with a McDonalds will almost always have another option.


Not a surprise. People love going there.


I really don’t understand why. It’s trash food and it’s not even that cheap anymore.


It’s not fast either.

IchNichtenLichten, avatar

Its selling point for me was that it was quick and cheap. If it’s neither of those things then I have way better alternatives.


10,000 new McFlurry machines that are out of order

Ghostalmedia, avatar

Although most of these restaurants are opening in highly lactose intolerant nations. So that might not be a big problem.


Buying stock in ice cream machine repair see y’all on the moon


The company is called Taylor. Not sure if they’re public. IFixIt has a video dissecting why the machines are always broken.


Interesting story about how they were sued for keeping the machines broken, so only they could fix it.


Yup, they fuckin’ suck.


Fun fact about Taylor’s competition Electrofeeeze, I used to work as a repair tech for them and they always used mechanical contactors with physical switches.

Every single store I would go into that owned both Electrofeeeze and Taylor machines the owner would complain “it’s always the fkn computer with that damn Taylor. $800 every time, always the computer board.” So what did the Big Brains at Electrofeeeze do? They took the biggest complaint about our competition and put one of our own computer boards in the newer models… Now we get to hear “it’s always the computer board with this piece of shit.”

Very Smart Move™


Well yeh if making money is their goal, which it is. They’re just assholes to their clients and consumers.


My local McDonald’s burnt down when the ice machine caught fire


Factory meat from a factory restaurant from a factory country


Nuggets come from a can, they were put there by a man, in a factory downtown!


Millions of nuggets, nuggets for me


I always love the McDonald’s hate. It’s amazing how much seething it brings along with it.

I sneak out probably once a month for McDonald’s, it’s my junk food treat and I’ll never give up my occasions.


no one asked. no one cares.


Still following and harassing me huh?


Who are you?


McDonalds is primarily a Real Estate company. Their food service is secondary.


They’re a logistics company.


I consider them a chemical company as well.


Hey, I saw that youtube video too!

Unfortunately it’s dead-wrong.


Oh man, I’m ready for a truth bomb. Let’s have it!! What’s really going on???




C’mon, give a little effort at least! That response was the equivalent of finding out the message that my Little Orphan Annie secret decoder ring was “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine”

Could you please elaborate a bit? Where’s the sensationalism?


Again, where’s the sensationalism? Can you point to particular falsehoods or overstatements? A link to the video doesn’t help us–we want your critique of the video.


My critique of the video is the creator’s devoted need to make people feel concerned about something that really isn’t that big of a deal.

The “call the guy” rhetoric really speaks for itself. Look at how it’s presented.


I dont know the video. Can you please elaborate?


Here it is:

30 minutes of bullshit, and hopefully you can see how this guy who’s paid to make videos has a vested interest in making them seem… interesting.

jordanlund, avatar

But wait, I thought “pEoPlE dOn’T wAnT tO woRk!”

dylanTheDeveloper, avatar

People will work for 3 weeks to a year and quit then some other sucker gets on the wheel



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  • Rivalarrival,

    Everything you describe appeals to me. The less I have to directly interact with their employees, the better.

    Being able to take a few moments to ensure my order is complete and accurate, without delaying every other customer behind me, radically improves the customer experience.

    Eliminating the two most error-prone steps (communicating between customer and staff, and entering the order into the register) greatly improves order accuracy.

    Taco Bell is doing the same thing, but hasn’t inflated their prices nearly as much as McDonalds. Burger King and Wendy’s are lagging behind.


    Taco Bell has definitely inflated their prices by a massive margin.

    ares35 avatar

    they all have.

    agent_flounder, avatar

    Wendy’s has kiosks where I’m at. Not everywhere apparently?


    Couldn’t disagree more, depending on the location.

    Pretty much ever McDonald’s outside of major cities is a social hub for locals. People will go there everyday and spend hours inside talking with each other.


    The loss of decent “third places” in the US is so goddamned sad.

    ares35 avatar

    that used to be hardee's here.. covid took away the wall of mugs the old-timers used every morning.

    nicetriangle avatar

    I think the expectations of consumers for a dine in experience is just a lot higher these days than McDonalds is interested or equipped to compete with and they're also in the process of pivoting towards a post-automation future.

    This to me sounds like a company that is realigning their strategy to fit the market segment they think they have the best chance of capitalizing on, which is apparently faceless late stage capitalism burgers.


    I’d honestly be more worried if my late stage capitalism burgers HAD faces.


    That is a return to their original business model that led to them becoming a global institution.

    Their dining areas were famously uncomfortable, witht he focus on being easy to clean and maintain and discourage people from lingering. The color scheme of red and yellow is purposefully garish, and combine with the lighting to make you want to get your food and get out.

    There used to be a set of slanted warming shelves connecting the kitchen in the back to the area behind the front counter. You’d walk in during peak times and see rows of sandwiches already assembled and wrapped. You’d order your food and the cashier would reach around and gather the food that had been prepared 15-30 minutes ago. If you wanted a burger without onions or mustard or whatever you’d have to stand awkwardly and wait. The drive-thru used to be quick, maybe a couple minutes total.

    I haven’t been to one in a few years so I’m not sure how it’s changed recently, but starting in the 2000’s they changed their business model to try to compete with places like Subway, Panera, Starbucks, Chipotle, etc. They introduced more greys and browns into their colorways. They expanded the menus with a ton more choice: novelty limited-time sandwiches, “healthy” options like salads and fruits, specialty coffees. They moved to making things to-order instead of having things pre-made. Wait times and prices both increased.

    Every other “fast food” place seems to have followed them. The closest replacement I’ve seen is the expansion of gas station/convenience store food. Places like GetGo and Sheetz near me usually don’t have drive-thru’s, but I can quickly walk in and grab a pre-made sandwich for a few bucks and walk out.

    What you are describing almost sounds to me like a modern automat.


    I do see a role for automats. Door dash, grub hub or people who ordered ahead… Certain frequently bought items…

    All in temp controlled lockers.

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