Thailand's Cabinet approves a marriage equality bill to grant same-sex couples equal rights

Thailand’s Cabinet on Tuesday approved an amendment to its civil code to allow same-sex marriage, with an expectation for the draft to be submitted to Parliament next month.

Karom Polpornklang, a deputy government spokesperson, said the amendment to the Civil and Commercial Code will change the words “men and women” and “husband and wife” to “individuals” and “marriage partners” for same-sex couples to be able to receive the same rights that heterosexual couples receive.

He said the law would guarantee the right to form a family in a relationship between same-sex couples, adding that the next step will be an amendment to the pension fund law to recognize same-sex couples as well.


Nice to see some good news today.


Slowly catching up with the first world.

As usual, gotta wait until America does it before they can follow suit.

That’s what makes them followers and not leaders.


Are you claiming America is a leader in social equity?


For some reason I would have thought they already had it? But whatever you know how the old saying goes, better late than never.


Great progress I hope they allow different-sex couples to marry next.


Great to see from the Thailand cabinet.

ShaunaTheDead avatar

I'm kind of surprised it took Thailand so long to do this, but good for them!

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