No, really? Noooo…



They subsidize their profits with food stamps.


The government knows what they are doing, too. They just won’t do anything to jeopardize the money that those corporations give to them through lobbying.


Turn official money into your own pocket money!


Big Lots is the biggest trap I ever fell for, all those companies are far better than Big Lots to their workers.


I remember when I worked overnights at Walmart. There was a night differential of$1 per hour. While I was working there it changed to $.50 and the base pay went up by 55 cents. They really tried to tell me because my pay went up by 5 cents and hour I wasn’t actually losing anything. Walmart will do anything and everything to pay their employees as little as possible. Also those who were there for a 1-2 years actually lost income with that change.


This is the feature of the system... Dadyd Sam knows and he let's thems.


I don’t understand why a wage is legal if it traps people into poverty? Shouldn’t minimum wage be brought up across the board? I expect if they are doing it, thousands of other businesses are doing it as well.

We literally have a minimum wage for a reason, why are we expecting corporations to self regulate instead?

Gabadabs avatar

The simple answer is lobbying. Bribery is legal here, our politicians are all bought and paid for by these very companies. Laws are not usually put into place for any reason other than making them more money.


With correct amount spent in lobbying you can kill people and their children, broadcast it live and still win Nobel peace prize. This (trapping people in poverty) is nothing.

Sprokes, (edited )

You do not need to be a poverty expert to know that.


This was actually a pretty funny comment and I feel like everyone missed it.


Actually I forgot ‘not’ in my initial comment.


Makes more sense but I assumed you were being sarcastic anyway, which in that context made me lol pretty hard.


Too poor to have the time to educate themselves, look for other jobs, or move. Not much has changed with Walmart, infamously they have been making the taxpayers prop up their employees’ low wages and benefits for decades.

Fredselfish, avatar

And Walmart actually benefits double because of it. Because said employees spend thier checks and food stamps right back into the company.


Back to Company Towns and Company Stores.


But this time it’s government subsidized, so you and I pay for it!


We’re subsidizing corporate profits, to be clear. But yes.

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