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January 29, 2024

  • Brush: Grizzly Bay Shire 26mm V18 Fanchurian

  • Razor: C.V. Heljestrand MK 10 13/16 Half Hollow Square Point

  • Lather: House of Mammoth - Hygge - Soap

  • Toner: Thayers - Lemon - Toner

  • Aftershave: House of Mammoth - Hygge - Splash

  • Fragrance: Floris of London - Elite - Eau de Toilette

  • Talc: Yardley Classic

    2 passes. Face lather. Excellent shave.

I’m just under 450 straight razor shaves since July 2022. You would think that I’d have figured it out by now, but in the last two to three weeks I seem to have found another level. It’s a little like learning what xyzzy does in the Colossal Cave. Fascinating.

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Jan 29, 2024 - Mammoth Monday: Chocolatey

  • Brush: Chisel & Hound
  • Razor: Blackland Razors Blackbird Ti
  • Blade: Personna Lab Blue [13]
  • Lather: Gentleman’s Nod - Sidama - Soap
  • Post Shave: House of Mammoth - Rumble - Splash

I needed something warm and comforting to get the week started.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Monday, January 29, 2024: Haslinger Hétfö

It is Monday again, and I used my trusted Haslinger (with a widening ring of death). I have the impression that the TI is the straight razor that most vibes with me – smaller than the Koraat, and shinier than the Parker (yes, you are right: I am that superficial).

Schafmilch’s ring(ish) of death

Have a good evening!

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yes, you are right: I am that superficial

I think you show good taste. Now this qualifies as superficial :)

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Now this qualifies as superficial



Monday, January 29, 2024

  • Prep: hot shower
  • Lather Bowl: Georgetown Pottery G12 Shaving Scuttle (Hamada & Blue)
  • Brush: Yaqi 24mm Naples Tuxedo Knot (synthetic)
  • Razor: Edwin Jagger DE 89L
  • Blade: Gillette Silver Blue (1)
  • Lather: House of Mammoth - Hygge - Soap
  • Post Shave: House of Mammoth - Hygge balm

I just noticed that a couple of you also used House of Mammoth today. Is Mammoth Monday still a thing?

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Is Mammoth Monday still a thing?


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Is Mammoth Monday still a thing?

Yes, still a thing. At least for me



January 29, 2024

  • Brush: Every Ready 400 w/30mm Motherload
  • Razor: Blackland Era - Level 3 SB
  • Blade: Gillette Silver Blue (5)
  • Lather: Stirling Soap Co. - Port-Au-Prince - Soap
  • Post Shave: House of Mammoth - Santa Noir - Aftershave
  • Post Shave: House of Mammoth - Mood Indigo - Balm

With any luck, tomorrow’s daily SOTD thread will be back to being automated.

Which other auto posts did we have? Free Talk Friday?

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Yay, the imminent return of the bot 🙌


Jan. 29, 2024

  • Brush: Yaqi 26mm Synthetic
  • Razor: Karve CB SB D
  • Blade: Gillette Winner [2]
  • Lather: Spearhead - Sea Spice Lime - Soap
  • Post Shave: Spearhead - Sea Spice Lime - Aftershave

Good shave. Lime-tastic morning coffee with above average temperatures outside. This blade is not great in this razor I’ll likely swap it out next shave, it’s a bit harsh.

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Mammoth × Goose

  • Brush: Zenith r/Wetshaving exclusive MOAR BOAR (31 mm × 57 mm bleached boar)
  • Razor: Mongoose Razors Alumigoose
  • Blade: Feather Professional
  • Lather: House of Mammoth Almond Leather
  • Aftershave: Declaration Grooming Fake Yellow Light
  • Fragrance: Chatillon Lux Gratiot League Square
  • Talc: Pinaud Clubman Finest Powder


My first try with u/wallygator88’s Alumigoose on loan (Thanks Wally! ☺️). I like the build quality of the goose a lot.



It was fairly straight forward to find the right angle, and the first shave with it was already a nice one. I’m looking forward to trying this razor some more during this week.

  • Razor: Mergress “Bling”
  • Blade: Lord Classic
  • Brush: Semogue TSN LE 2012
  • Pre-Shave: Proraso Pre Shave Cream
  • Lather: Brutalt Bra TSN LE / Norwegian Wood
  • Aftershave: Barber No3 Marmara
  • Additional Care: Alum Block


Another week, another shave. Both the brush and the lather are Limited Edition items made for the sadly defunct Shave Nook forum, and the Mergress was a gift from Phil who ran the Nook.


Cool stuff. I never spent much time at TSN and forgot that it shut down. Was that the one associated with a shaving store? Bullgoose, maybe? I’m just making stuff up at this point probably.


Yeah, BullGoose. Although Phil never pushed his store terrible hard at the 'Nook, and often offered pretty good deals.

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