I second this! Would love to see this feature.


I’ve been using the default android gestures to go back to previous screens (swipe from the edge of the screen) and it’s been working well for me together with all the voyager specific gestures


Maybe only an issue on iOS then…


Maybe I didn’t explain it well. When you’re deep into a comment thread, then go back to your feed. It would be awesome to be able to long swipe back to the comment thread, at the same position as when you left.


Oh yeah this was great in Apollo and I really miss that. You can’t “forward” in Voyager yet.


IIRC that was a custom feature that Christian developed. I know he has talked about it in the past.

Steveanonymous, avatar

Swipe left or right on the toolbar at the bottom to go forward and back plz!


This doesn’t work for me…didn’t see anywhere to activate anything like this

Steveanonymous, avatar

It doesn’t work. I want that feature from apollo

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