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Gwaer, in [WINNER: OPTION B] Choose Voyager's icon!


SinTacks, (edited ) in Christian (Apollo Dev) on contributing to Voyager

Wow, pretty clear how he feels about it. But also he made plenty of money of Apollo and then just shut it down and refused to open source it. So I don’t feel particularly inclined to change my behavior here.

Edit: All these people white knighting a dev that made millions off his app.

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  • canis_majoris, avatar

    This is the most presumptuous comment I’ve ever read regarding any kind of development. Wow.


    Dude what the hell? Just… wtf


    You’re entirely wrong, but you do you.


    Well now we have multiple great FOSS options instead of one or two dominant paid apps. I was a happy Apollo user, but the current state of things feels more in line with the ideals behind Lemmy. So maybe his actions led to a more positive outcome than if he had kept on going like people wanted.


    and then just shut it down

    He “shut it down” because Reddit intentionally made it impossible to continue. He had no control over that.

    refused to open source it.

    Why is he obligated to open source it?


    Narwhal found a way, gonna need some ‘splainin’ as to how he was singled out


    He is not obligated in anything but it shouldn’t suprise him or be sour about other devs stepping in to do what he doesn’t want to do. It doesn’t help that he acts like this is done out of malice even though it’s not.


    I didn’t say he was obligated to open source it. He gains nothing by keeping it closed. If he had open sourced it I could still use it because I have a Reddit API key. If he open sourced it, it could be converted to work with Lemmy. But he effectively burned it down.

    He doesn’t owe it to me to open source it but I can still think it was a shitty selfish decision.


    Well maybe when you write your own insanely popular and lucrative software you can choose to open-source it


    I have open sourced software and contributed to open source software. Bet you haven’t. Sure is nice for you to get the benefits of open source with Voyager though isn’t it?


    That’s great! I’m glad to hear that!


    He also gains nothing from open sourcing it

    People need to stop having the expectation that everything should be open source. It shouldn’t, nor will it ever be


    It costs him nothing and makes thousands of people happy. It contributes to the open source landscape which he built on heavily. Search his Reddit profile for open source mentions and see for yourself.



    Why does he owe his work to you and anyone else who wants to take it and use it as their own?

    I don’t open source anything I intend to actually do anything with, and I’d assume he has a similar policy.


    Welp, glad everyone isn’t like you. The world would be much worse.


    exactly, infinity for reddit became eternity for Lemmy

    because open source


    Why would he have any obligation to open source a project he was shutting down? If he made the code open, that would be a kind and generous gesture. Not an expected and assumed action.

    cheese_greater, (edited )


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  • wildginger,

    … What?

    Honor his legacy? Prematurely killed himself??

    What the fuck are you even talking about dude



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  • wildginger,

    What are you high on right now? None of your comments even make sense. What is gatekeeping about understanding someones decision to not make their private work open source?

    You understand this guy didnt kill himself right?



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  • wildginger,

    I fuckin hope that wasnt an attempt at figurative language, cause it implies youre illiterate.

    You understand reddit killed his app, yes? Refusing to build a new app for a different site that mimics his old one isnt killing anything, premature or otherwise



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  • wildginger,

    Because reddit staff directly antagonized and lied to him, with clear intent to drive him away from his project.

    Why would he fight to sneak under the radar to give support to a company that made explicit actions to crash his software reputation with other companies? They tried to blacklist him from software development.

    The fuck is wrong with you, dude? Youre not just entitled to other peoples hard work, this is well beyond that



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  • wildginger,

    The irony, having you ask me to be polite

    Youre a nutter dude, youre flinging insults up and down the post at a man who isnt even here to defend himself.

    Shitting on a guy for not wanting to stoke a project reddit pissed all over, for not making his work and project free for grabs?

    You should maybe learn what the word polite means before you go demanding it from others


    I mean, he provided a great app for free for years. Why should he open source it, just because he also earned cash with it? As far as I know he was also in talks with premium members so that they could get their money back but I’m not updated on that. And of course he shut it down, the app essentially became useless.


    I never received it. Gonna call Apple soon. Damn shame for all involved :(

    6daemonbag, in Voyager released to Google Play!

    Two apps in as many days. Excited to try it out!

    Quill7513, in [WINNER: OPTION B] Choose Voyager's icon!


    tryagain, in [WINNER: OPTION B] Choose Voyager's icon!

    I think C is the cleanest

    infotainment, avatar

    I don’t really get what’s going on with C, it seems like it’s the Lemmy logo wearing a VR headset.

    kratoz29, in [WINNER: OPTION B] Choose Voyager's icon!

    I can’t decide between A and C… I am gonna go for C I guess.

    BTW can we have different icons like Apollo had?

    MimicJar, in PSA (Android) if Firefox is your default browser, webapp wont install.

    I use both Firefox Beta & Firefox Nightly daily for Voyager (depending on the device) and both have worked great for me. I just tested Stable and it was similarly fine.

    Obviously if folks are having performance issues it’s reasonable to test out other browsers (Chrome included), but I’ve never noticed any issues.

    Raffster, in Blocking communities

    And pretty please make the domain block work correctly. Some things are not for me...

    danielton, in Migrate Subreddits

    I wish they hadn’t removed the option to use your Apollo backup. I installed Apollo and made a backup before Apollo shut down, and I still have that file, but I no longer have a Reddit account.

    V4uban, in Welcome to the official community for Voyager (formerly wefwef)!

    For people looking for the link

    lorax, avatar

    I am not an artist but a nod to either vger in Star Trek or to the Voyager series would be awesome. Like a lemming with a borg eye piece or something.

    Jupeter avatar

    Haha, vger, like in Star Trek. Love it.

    urda, in A new Lemmy instance for Voyager supporters! avatar

    Does this mean we should expect the community and your own Fediverse user to be coming from there at this point then?


    User, yes already 😉

    Community no, at least unless Lemmy makes community moving easier


    well photon managed it easily. but that was to a bigger instance from one owned by the main dev.

    Blaze, in A new Lemmy instance for Voyager supporters!

    Great news!

    orangeNgreen, in A new Lemmy instance for Voyager supporters! avatar


    Kierunkowy74, in Kbin support? avatar

    No app is working with yet, because the instance has not opened its API yet. Check /kbin compatibility against or any Mbin instance

    aeharding, in Kbin support?

    If kbin releases API docs, a JS client on npm, and then dogfoods it like Lemmy does, I’d be happy to look into it. :)

    (But even then, API differences would make this very hard to do well and probably not worth the effort.)

    The reason Lemmy has such a great app ecosystem is the backend and front end are completely separate, with a published client layer for communication.

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