Remember when that dude in Germany used emergency powers to only take control of the country temporarily.

Once he gets the power of a Dictator he is not going to give it up remember never again applies to all countries.


The word “dictator” comes from the Roman Republic, where it was meant to be only for temporary usage. Then Caesar just didn’t give up the power. When challenged he marched his armies into Rome. Now whenever we use dictator, we use it to describe the actions of people like Caesar, rather than it’s original use case.

Emergency powers have always and will always be abused.


Just watch me.

One of the few moments in Canadian history we can be proud of.

Vaggumon, avatar

Ok, hear me out here. Instead of an election, we let Donny Two Scoops have a trial by combat. No proxy though, he has to do the fighting himself. If he can survive a No Holds Barred, No Disqualification, Hardcore UFC match against a voted on opponent, (survive being the operative word). He can be Glorious Leader of The Democratic Peoples of the United States. Then, we sell Pay Per View tickets for $500 ea, or live event tickets for $1000+, and then that money is used to pay off some of the national debt.

I mean, he’s the prime example of an Alpha Male, he’s in excellent shape, and is 6’ 3" and 215 lbs of grade A physique. Should be no challenge at all for him to survive a brutal physical challenge of strength and skill right? Hell, he’s such a great example of the perfect male specimen, he’d probably win with both hands tied behind his back. In fact, it wouldn’t be fair to not tie his hands for the fight, the other guy wouldn’t even stand a chance.


in any working democracy saying these words should get you banned from running for office for life

Vaggumon, avatar

A life that stops at the end of a rope.


Just the tip. I swear.


And to his minions, one day won’t be nearly enough. They all want him to be a permanent dicktator.

anarchy79, avatar

Why does Seth look like he’s possessed by aliens?




Day One, sounds like Year Zero.


When someone tells you who they are, you should listen.


His followers ARE listening. They know. So they will vote. We must continue to be vigilant in maintaining democracy by continuing to spread awareness and registering to vote. Be sure to cast your ballot on or before election day for the future of our country.

anarchy79, avatar

Well, no, they aren’t listening, because they already made up their minds and will follow the diaper führer wherever he takes them and regardless of what he says.

You know that thing like if you’d have a time machine everyone would go back and kill Hitler? I find it odd that those people would rather endure a world war and then wait for 80 years until they invented time machines to go back and kill him instead of just killing him right there and then before he seizes power.


January 6th th outey were listening. The whole world watched. Threats turn into gag orders, because their listening and trying to stop justice. He already said to watch the voting locations. His followers have been proven to be jackassed fools. Fox news finally admitted Trump is lying about the election results. His followers were listening and were upset they were woken up. That’s why I said they were listening. I should have been clearer. Some people will fall with him. Not all will. Project 2025 is for any Republican to follow. His domestic and foreign assets will keep the waters muddy especially moreso for the election.


Ohh awesome! These are available in Canada again. They suddenly weren’t available a couple months ago and it killed my lunch routine

anarchy79, avatar

Unhinged dictators?


If he can turn it on and off at will, he’s a dictator.

If he believes he’ll have eliminated the remaining checks and balances of democracy, he’s either crazy or a dictator.


Why not both? Well, in this case, it’s absolutely both.


I mean… If he grabbed them by the pussy… But now only dictator for one day. Uh huh

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