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What app is this?

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fmstrat, (edited )

Not my rig, but given the branding I’m guessing thats a Victron system. @Agent641 would have to confirm.

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Interesting. I’d never looked at my “lifetime” numbers before; I am keenly interested in daily harvests to understand the power budget but haven’t thought about the overall harvest.

Caveat: mine are higher, relative to size, because I live in the vehicle and so place more loads on the system. The rig has had two setups

  • 570w array for the first 1,630 days = 2.82MWh
  • 750w array for last 457 days = 0.89MWh
  • total 3.71MWh

What was the driving factor for moving up in size?

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I physically damaged one of the 3x 190w in that array. Since the originals were obscure NOS I couldn’t find another one to replace it. It was summertime so I was able to get by with 380w but that would not be sufficient to meet needs during other seasons.

So I started looking for replacements that would fill the available space. I ended up with 3x of the Trina 250w that flooded the market, the ones that Will Prowse would make famous in his video.

I made the swap on BLM land outside Las Cruces, NM and donated the 2x 190w to a family in a skoolie the next camp over. They had a 2x 100w set out so I figured they could use them. The deal was they had to come over and carry them them, I wasn’t going to deliver. :-)


Love all of that.

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Gosh, I didn't know this group existed! I have no way of keeping track of that. Pretty cool, Thanks for sharing!


let us know when you reach 1.21 gigawatts


Via Western Union if necessary.


This is also the top comment on the original OPs post.

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