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Looking for advice on turning a mountain bike into a cargo bike

I’ve been riding the same Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo Mountain Bike since my uncle found it in a sandpit and gave it to me to ride while away on my first internship. It was in somewhat rough shape back then, and it’s kind of the bicycle of Thesius at this point as parts failed and I found ways to replace them....

Winter eBiking (slrpnk.net)

well, my plan was to fix up a free entry-level mountain bike a coworker gave me - and, to be clear, i still intend to do it. however! i ran out of time, money, and know-how, all relatively quickly. and combined with that, i also decided somewhat last minute that i don’t really want to drive to work any more in 2024 if i can...

winter commuter ideas? (slrpnk.net)

hi all - i am wondering what your daily riders look like - for example above i have my ebike (a secondhand Eco-Evo by Easy Motion), which is my summer daily driver since i can charge it with solar energy and don’t get as hot cycling (i’m fat and i live in a desert, which is a miserable combo sometimes)....

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