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I don't know why people are naively assuming that Israel is somehow beholden to the US, as if it was a client state, that all that's needed to stop this war is some change within the US government. That's not how this works. While Israel does benefit from its close alliance with America, they are still capable of waging war on their own. They learned the hard way that they cannot rely on international partners.

Not to mention, this alliance is far too deep and important for any US government - doesn't matter if its Republican or Democrat - to threaten it by limiting Israel's sovereignty.


Tell that to the numerous UN resolutions the US vetoed and the three aircraft carriers it and the UK just have casually stationed there.


This supports the fact that Israel is a close ally, not that it is a client state.


Israel is 100% a client state of the US lmao. A rogue client state perhaps but one that the US still has more than enough power to reign in if it wanted to.

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I think it's more that they don't want their own country to aid in a genocide. Even if the genocide could still happen without you, that's no reason to give up and support it.

That said,

  • As a political ally the US protects Israel from being attacked by its neighbours

  • it would also block any intervention by the UN

  • Since Oct 7 the US has done over 200 arms deals with Israel and has provided at least 1,800 of the numerous 2,000 pound bombs they are hitting Gaza with (for reference the US only dropped one 2,000 pound bomb on Islamic State in its entire conflict with it)

  • The US has also shared military intelligence/surveillance data with Israel, which is using AI to target Palestinians


The hero we need and deserve!

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Well done Larry! Some courage and commitment


brave af ✊

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